Cyberware smoke emission

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I'm just kind of getting back into Shadowrun after something like 20 years and I feel like I half remember there being some cyberware where you could put out smoke yourself. Somewhat like the toxin exhaler/cybergland thing.  Am I wrong?  I just can't find it anywhere. 

My character is based on a Wildcards character I came up with a while back based, loosely, on me.  I have sever asthma and it's been a huge factor in my life and I'm allergic to EVERYTHING so I thought how would the Wildcard virus effect me positively and I eventually came up with a dragon.  Invulnerable to most everything and instead of it's breath killing it, kind of, it's breath kills everything.  I love the inversion and I'm trying to convert it to Shadowrun by having a samurai who can emit the smoke, have air filtration, cybergland to kind of mimic dragon's breath.  I know both fire and smoke grenades are available but I was really hoping to go the chrome route. Any help?


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Chrome Flesh p.74

Called "Steamers"

Otherwise: Exhalation Spray p.112
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