Grey Mana tech/ Blight and astral disruption ...changing SR permanently ?

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« on: (17:47:56/01-12-19) »
Hi guys,

I was thumbing through better than bad, and I think Humanis and the muslim world ( read Marrokko, Caliphate) are going to love this stuff and start to produce it en masse.

And they definatly will want the formula for themselves. I have already planned a nice run araound it 8).

Howver this does seem like a game changer to me. The ablity to remove Immunity to normal weapons from  (bug)spirits, will take away a lot of the scare.

This reminds of an earlier version of Shadowrun where anyone could hurt/attack spirits using their willpower...

What do you think ?
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« Reply #1 on: (06:25:27/01-13-19) »
You already could harm them with enough AP value on your weapon (There is also the Neija Martial Art technique that you could use to attack spirits). But it does level the playing field against mages quite a bit. Definitely an improvement all in all.
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