Two Technomancer questions and a Matrix Question

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« on: <12-30-18/0632:45> »
Hoi guys.

I have a couple of questions I'd love to get your take on. Would greatly appreciate your help :)

First Technomancer Question

I have a technomancer in my group (lucky me, I know), and I have questions around resonance powers. Specifically Resonance Veil and Puppeteer.

p252 and p253 of CRB, the powers conspicuously don't have a fail state. That is, the powers detail what happens on a success, but not on a fail. Is this correct and a failed roll on these powers don't result in anything negative other than fading and wasted action?

Target: Device Duration: I FV: L + 4
You push Resonance commands into a target, forcing
it to perform a Matrix action. Pick a target and a
Matrix action for it to perform. Make a Software + Resonance
[Level] v. Willpower + Firewall test with a threshold
based on the type of action: 1 for a Free Action, 2 for
Simple, and 3 for Complex. If you succeed, the target
performs that Matrix action as its next available action.

Target: Device Duration: S FV: L 1
This complex form lets you make the target believe
something has happened in the Matrix. Its a convincing
illusion if you can succeed in a Software + Resonance
[Level] v. Intuition + Data Processing test. Even if the target
has reason to believe what its seeing is fake, it needs
to make a Matrix Perception Test with a threshold equal
to your net hits to see through the illusion.

Second Technomancer Question
Does a technomancer require matrix access to use their resonance powers? Their resonance actions are not considered matrix actions and aren't affected by noise. If they were in a faraday cage and hacking a hardwired system (off the matrix) do they retain their ability to use resonance and their sprites?

Matrix Question

Does a file uploaded to the matrix have metadata that identifies the persona that uploaded it?
I know that there are matrix actions to trace a persona back to the meat world, but once that person logs off or turns off their com, does the file retain any information that can be gleaned from it?

Thanks guys. I know there's been a ton of matrix related questions up here lately. Appreciate your help.

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« Reply #1 on: <12-30-18/1140:37> »
1) Resonance actions don't generate an OS score (pg 250, SR5).  So yes a failed resonance action results in the hit to action economy and fading.  But see also Resonance Signatures (also pg 250).  It says you leave your signature behind when you use a resonance ability, not when you successfully use a resonance ability.  So there's that.

2) No matrix = no resonance powers.  However.  What counts as "matrix" can be problematic to reconcile, although some unofficial clarification is certainly illuminating about intent of the developers, at least.

3) I think that it must be yes because if you try to say no, it doesn't make any sense.  (and there'd be no need to edit security logs in a host before leaving a graceful hack)  Besides, Resonance Signatures are explicitly said to be left behind, so why should'nt conventional Persona metadata?  As for what can be done if data pertaining to your Persona is found while you'r offline: by the rules, nothing at all can be done.  But if your public awareness is high enough, they might KEEP looking in hopes you log back onto the Matrix at which point you could potentially be spotted/traced.
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« Reply #2 on: <12-31-18/0138:26> »
Thanks man

I really appreciate the help and just wanted to make sure there wasn't something I was missing.


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« Reply #3 on: <01-09-19/0427:26> »
On a side note, you're missing the errata'd fading values (see: here)