combat medic troll cyber under construction, looking for feedback

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« Reply #15 on: <01-13-19/2238:50> »
Okay, partial rework...

Have not double checked chummers math but I doubt it would change my choices, just the numbers.

I'm not going too deep with drugs mostly for RP reasons but got a dose of kamikaze in case of emergency.

I'm trying to pinch pennies here, the guns in particular are sub par but will be upgraded asap in game. Also, the assault rifle being R rather than F means my only F gear is my fake ID.

As usual...all feedback welcome!

Igor: the troll combat medic with an assault rifle.

== Priorities ==
Metatype: B,3
Attributes: B,3
Special: E,0
Skills: C,2
Resources: C,2

== Attributes ==
BOD: 9
AGI: 5(7)
REA: 4(5)
STR: 5
CHA: 2
INT: 4
LOG: 4
WIL: 3
EDG: 2

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence:                   3.15
Initiative:                9 +2d6
Rigger Initiative:         9 +2d6
Astral Initiative:         
Matrix AR:                 9 +2d6
Matrix Cold:               7 +3d6
Matrix Hot:                7 +4d6
Physical Damage Track:     13
Stun Damage Track:         10

== Limits ==
Physical:                  8
Mental:                    5
   Audio Enhancement [+3] (Only for Perception (Hearing))
   Medkit [+3] (Only for First Aid and Medicine)
   Medkit [+6] (Only for First Aid and Medicine)
   Vision Enhancement [+1] (Only for Perception (Visual))
   Vision Enhancement [+3] (Only for Perception (Visual))
Social:                    4
   Securetech PPP: Legs Kit [-1] (Must be visible)
Astral:                    5

== Active Skills ==
Automatics (Assault Rifles) Base:5          Pool:12(14)
Etiquette (Street)       Base:5          Pool:7(9)
First Aid (Gunshot Wounds) Base:6          Pool:10(12)
Gymnastics               Base:2          Pool:11
Medicine                 Base:1          Pool:5
Perception (Visual)      Base:4          Pool:8(10)
Pilot Ground Craft       Base:1          Pool:6
Running                  Base:2          Pool:9
Sneaking (Urban)         Base:4          Pool:11(13)
Swimming                 Base:2          Pool:7
Unarmed Combat           Base:1          Pool:8

== Knowledge Skills ==

== Contacts ==
;Street Doc(2, 3)
;Fixer(3, 1)

== Qualities ==
Natural Athlete
SINner (Corporate) (DocWagon)
Thermographic Vision

== Lifestyle ==
Hard up(Squatter)1 Month
   + Grid Subscription (Public Grid) [+50¥]

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Internal Air Tank Rating 1
Muscle Toner Rating 2
Wired Reflexes Rating 1

== Armor ==
Armor Jacket                       12
   + Auto-Injector
   + Fire Resistance 5
   + Nonconductivity 5
Securetech PPP: Legs Kit           +1
SWAT (Doc Wagon) Helmet                        +3
   + Flare Compensation
   + Image Link
   + Smartlink
   + Vision EnhancementRating 3

== Weapons ==
   + Smartgun System, External
   Pool: 12 (14)   Accuracy: 5 (7)   DV: 10P   AP: -2   RC: 3
Ceska Black Scorpion
   + Folding Stock
   Pool: 12   Accuracy: 5   DV: 6P   AP: -   RC: 3 (4)
Unarmed Attack
   Pool: 8   Accuracy: 8   DV: 5S   AP: -   RC: 3

== Commlink ==
Renraku Sensei(ATT: 0,SLZ: 0,DP: 3,FWL: 3)
   + Commlink Functionality[Camera, Micro, Chip Player, Credstick Reader, Earbuds, GPS Guidance System, Micro Trid-Projector, Music Player, RFID Tag Scanner, Shock- and Water-Resistant Case, Touchscreen Display]

== Gear: Equipped ==
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Machine Pistols) ×70
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Assault Rifle) x 80
Backpack (Good)
Certified Credstick, Standard
Earbuds Rating 3
   + Audio Enhancement Rating 3
Fake SIN (Larry Pain) Rating 4
   + Fake License (Driver's License) Rating 4
   + Fake License (Firearms License) Rating 4
   + Fake License (Restricted Cyberware License) Rating 4
   + Fake License (Restricted Armor License) Rating 4
Flashlight, Infrared
Light Stick ×2
Medkit Rating 6
Medkit Rating 3
Restraint, Metal
Slap Patch, Stim Patch Rating 6 ×5
Slap Patch, Trauma Patch ×5
Spare Clip (Ceska Black Scorpion)
Spare Clip (AK97)


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« Reply #16 on: <01-15-19/1943:32> »
That's the kind of Medic a Shadowrunner needs.  One that'll drop whatever got you and drag your fragged hoop out. 

Also consider the Rainforest Carbine if you want a "R" Assault Rifle.  And a Remington Suppressor if you want an "R" silenced weapon.

Advancement to consider, since you have a decent Logic, the Hardware and Armory skill if your hacker doesn't pick them up.  Reaction Enhancers 3, gets you to 12 +2d6, which is a nice break point for 3 passes on average. 

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« Reply #17 on: <01-15-19/2009:39> »
Thanks Hobbes!  Yeah I'm getting excited to see this goes in game.

Will take a look at the guns you mentioned too.


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« Reply #18 on: <01-15-19/2044:13> »
Newer to SR, any feedback welcome.

You've been posting to the forums since 2011 so it's a bit of a stretch to use the "newer" label. I grant that took a three-year sabbatical between 2016 and 2019, and that you're probably newer to the system than others, but you've still been around a long time.

On to the build. You're getting good advice but I figure I might as well throw a wrench into the works.

In my opinion, almost every troll should shoot for Metatype A, especially when using Sum-to-10. Five extra special attribute points is a huge jump. Edge is a superpower and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Honestly, probably the easiest cut is going from Skills C to D, and then once you're there the drop to Skills E is so minimal and the benefit to wherever you put the Sum-to-10 point is so great that it's almost silly not to do it. So save two points on Skills E, put one in Metatype so you can get Edge 6 and put the other into Attributes or Resources:

- Attributes: +1 REA, +1 CHA, +2 WIL (this one is tougher because you've already hardcapped Agility so you have limited places to put these extra attribute points)
- Resources: more 'ware, more gear, less penny-pinching (this is pretty appealing, since nuyen can cover all sorts of sins)
So what do you do will Skills E? Well first divide it up between the shadowrunner Holy Trinity of Sneaking, Perception, and the gun skill of your choice (Automatics, usually). Then, take the 10 karma you put into Edge 2 and start picking up rating 1 skills that will get you started: Unarmed, Etiquette, Gymnastics, First Aid, Pilot Ground Craft, etc.

Then, take the "Jack of All Trades" quality for 2 karma, which lets you buy skills rating 1-4 for a discount post-chargen. You'll start the game as the "diamond in the rough": inexperienced but capable of great things via your natural talent, your ware/gear, and your luck. As you earn karma, you can invest it in your skills to become the runner you always wanted to be. If you really want to cheese it, bank 7 karma from chargen and then buy your rating 1 skills post-chargen with your Jack of All Trades discount.


If you really don't like the idea of cutting into your skills that deeply, you could probably swing going to Resources D. You would drop Wired Reflexes and instead depend on Edge for your initiative rolls (using a point of Edge to Blitz with 5d6, which would get you an average score of 21.5 = 3 passes. Then instead of Muscle Toner 2 you would get Muscle Replacement 2, probably Used, which costs Essence (of which you have to spare, especially after dropping Wired Reflexes). Take the 10 karma you put into Edge 2 and put it into ¥20,000 of nuyen and you've probably made up the whole difference between Resources C and D. Scraping together enough nuyen to get Muscle Replacement 3 (Used) would be awesome but might be out-of-reach for Resources D.

As for gear, I see something affecting your visual perception limit but I don't see any contacts/glasses/goggles on your equipment list. Make sure you have something that will make use of your AK's smartlink at a minimum, plus whatever other vision mods you can cram in.

You'd probably get more traction out of Catlike instead of Natural Athlete, but I'll leave that up to you.

I know this probably complicates your thinking but that's chargen for you. Welcome back to the boards!

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« Reply #19 on: <01-15-19/2049:48> »
Edge is a superpower and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

RPG mechanics exist to give structure and consistency to the game world, true, but at the end of the day, you’re fighting dragons with algebra and random number generators.


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« Reply #20 on: <01-15-19/2102:24> »


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« Reply #21 on: <01-16-19/0945:03> »
Take it outside Runners.
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« Reply #22 on: <01-16-19/1726:39> »
...I like the rebuild.  Moving skills to C gives him a bit more along with the 2 in the Athletics group. 

Ah yes Kamikaze.  If you can afford it I'd go for Pharma Grade as that lowers the threshold by 1 for addiction tests, reduces the duration of crash effects by by 50%, and only costs double the base price (your Street Doc should be able to get or make it for you).

I would still also consider Shock Gloves to augment unarmed damage as it has a base DV of 8(s) and AP of -5.  With that high of a Physical Limit he could send someone into serious sleepy time (and they also work as a touch attack (which adds +2 bonus to his pool).

After getting a bit of Karma and Nuyen, I would consider the Narco Genemod as it adds +1 to all attributes that are increased by drugs (so when juiced up on KK, Body is +2, Agility is +2 Strength is +3, and Willpower is +2 for the duration).
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« Reply #23 on: <01-17-19/1254:26> »
Thanks kyoto kid, yeah I think it will depend on the game. If I can get by okay without drugs I'll do that, but if I have to fall back on Kamikaze then I'll definitely be looking into safer ways to do that. Narco Genemod and pharma grade drugs sounds great.

Yeah I think I'm going to drop the unarmed combat rank for now, will likely pick it back up in game along with some shock gloves...or I might keep the rank and grab shock gloves now...either way though good call on the gloves! Thanks.

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« Reply #24 on: <01-17-19/2107:45> »
...if you are just looking for an initiative boost Cram or Jazz would work. The one downside is both have a Psychological Addiction which means rolling WIL + LOG   (Jazz is also physically addicting thus requiring a WIL + BOD test as well)  Both have an addiction threshold of 3 (reduced to 2 for Pharma Grade).  Cram would last 3 hours (12 - BOD which is why I like it for characters with 2 - 4 BOD), while Jazz lasts 1D6 x 10 min.  Getting 2 hits on 7 dice could be tricky whereas on 12 dice, pretty much a cinch.

In some ways you would be better off with Kamikaze as it is only physically addictive and he has a nice high pool for that.  May not be great for his "bedside manner" as a  medic, but hey if it keeps him and his principal alive, that's all he needs.

If he is willing to take another positive quality he could be Drug Tolerant (cost: 6 Karma) which gives him a bonus of +2 dice for his addiction tests. One way to partially offset the Karma cost would be to maybe take a Mild Addiction to his drug of choice (Bonus: 4 Karma) as then when he gets the Narco treatment, he receives an additional +2 bonus dice (which stacks with the bonus dice from positive quality).   It could even fit in with his background, particularly if he was assigned to a HTR unit for a while where he needed the extra buffs.
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