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Been struggling to understand some of the martial arts and the special attacks. For instance counter strike, throw, or pin ect... Under the action descriptions, they will say martial arts training required. Does that mean it must specifically be listed under the style? Some styles list abilities that give bonuses to these actions, but not list the action itself (such as yielding force). Does that mean that style can use that maneuver?

On a second note. Can you use called shot on subdue, to say cover up someones mouth to prevent them from talking while you talk them out? What would be the mod? Called shot -4 or called shot throat from run/gun?
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A Technique that says it require martial training means, yes the character must be trained in that Technique from a style that has technique listed or the Quality that gives a character access to one technique (See R&G page 128 for costs and relevant pool limits, the quality is on page 127). If you read the full disruption of a technique it will tell you what it effects, keeping in mind penalty decreases are common among techniques.

Some of these are little confusing in 5th, grab and throw being a fairly good example, be very sure you understand the action type of a technique, and how it effects combat, if it's consider an attack, or how it effects action economy.

In general called shots questions are up to your gm for resolution, as a GM i'd allow such a called shot in sub-dual but your millage may very by GM, if it comes up be sure to discuss it with the GM before attempting it. Another thing to keep in mind in a society where DNI is very common even if you disable a targets larynx, there is certainly still a pretty good chance they can still communicate electronically.

In general rendering a target unconscious with stun damage is an easier way to handle silencing a target. Still not perfect by any means but generally safer.
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Silent subdual isnīt really covered by the rules right now, but theres room for improvisation. Talk to your GM about this.

Iīd either go with your solution (A grapple attack combined with a called shot to cover the mouth) or alternatively, consider any successfull grapple attack with a certain number of net hits (3 or more, f.i.) to be sufficent to prevent the target from screaming. Note that this would also mean that the target can try to struggle and reduce your net hits to a point where you still maintain the grapple, but fail to keep the target silent. You can also extend the principle behind this solution to other actions: 4 Net Hits and the target is not able to subvocalize, 5 Net Hits and the target is not able to use a Detonator already held in hand etc.

DNI will still ruin your day, though :P
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