Outlandish Modern Steroe Types in Shadowrun

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So as the Title implies me and my buddy were coming up with goofy concepts for 5th ed. His was pretty legit a "basic white girl mage face" (yoga pants, pumpkin spice addict heavy make up obsessed with pop culture, jewelry, little dog in a purse, ect) so I had to come back with one of my own, and I came up with the "weeb" (for reference watch rift shop music video weeabo metal/hentai metal/waifu metal) and he was a decker and my missus came up with the ridiculous "muscle girl"(with eastern European accent) she was gonna be our street sam/wep spec. Also we had a frat hanging about too... no it wasn't a super serious game but it was hilarious! I'll link you the characters and stuff eventually and in the fanfic section of our shenanigans for story time if you guys want. 

Yes we took ridiculous stereotype and cranked them to 11 or over 9000 (take your pick).

so has any group you been in ran in had any crazy stereotype or have you ran any crazy stereotypes?