Location Info on St. Louis Metro Area 2075-77?

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« on: (08:33:56/12-27-18) »
So I'm getting ready to start a new game for some folks new to the shadows and one person that has done shadowrun before (Playing 5th). I put it to a vote for where they can have the location of their game to start. (I believe in democracy ;) I did give some Ideas. Some where actual in game splat book locations and some were locations that I have been locations I have been/lived IRL.

They happened to choose St. Louis, now the question is I live here currently and I know a little bit in the shadowrun universe as of what's going in universe.  Is there a splat book that I may be able to reference to have some ground work to have a frame for building my game?

What I do know is going on in the area as of 2075-77:
St. Louis Metro is split Between the NAN and UCAS
If you go too far south you end up in the CAS
The Poplar street bridge is still under constuction (if you are from the area this is a running joke)
I think the nieghborhoods of Ferguson, Salsbury, and Florrissant are all Orc and Troll nieghborhoods.
East St. Louis, Brooklyn, Venince, and Madison IL are spoopy as hell (think early 80s x1000000)

Mind you this is speculation the only two im am 80% certain om are the first and the 3rd one I am 95% certain on

cheers on any sage advice


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« Reply #1 on: (09:54:51/12-27-18) »
Also Neonet started building a new global headquarters there, an arch shaped building with one end in CAS territory and the other in the UCAS (I think that was discussed in Market Panic originally, that they were starting to build there).

As the disolution of NeoNet proceded, it has ended up that one of the original constituent companies (Novatech, IIRC) has inherited that headquarters building, which is not complete enough to start using.  That company is (again IIRC) headed up by Villier's daughter. (that latest status somewhere in Better Than Bad).

But I don't recall anything substantial in terms of official St. Louis information.  But take a look in the shadowrun wiki, which lists its sources, to see which books touch on it:
Also over on Reddit they did one of their 'world builder Wednesday' exercises on St. Louis -- all unofficial, but might give you some good ideas

Good luck and I hope you have fun!
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« Reply #2 on: (10:10:53/12-27-18) »
+1 Ace thank you kindly Chummer.  Like I said I did take "liberties" as I didn't know if they had actual sources. But as stated I was looking for something just to work with. I did come up with some Ideas. I liked my ideas I was hoping I could expand, refine, and implement something memorable. :)

Thanks on the tip on market panic I do have that book I will peruse to see what they have. Better than bad is on the "to buy" list.  Thanks on the link.


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« Reply #3 on: (14:47:38/12-28-18) »
A few sources:
  • SR4 Dirty Tricks, p.78
  • SR4 Sixth World Almanac, p.195
  • SR5 Bloody Business, p.24


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« Reply #4 on: (10:12:49/12-29-18) »
Thank you kindly Sphinx for more info.


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« Reply #5 on: (17:11:47/01-07-19) »
Also check out sidslick's Homebrewed Cities thread in the GM's Toolbox. Could be something to help in there.
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« Reply #6 on: (04:51:50/01-09-19) »
And don't be afraid to make changes as you like.

You are talking about 80 years of divergent timelines :D Make that street you love the center of the upscale area if you want. And if none of the other players have enver lived there, well then feel free to do as you please. IF one or more of them has, ask them what they remember and like about the city, and see what changes or inflection to the scenes you can add to enliven the tone.

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