[SR5] Reverse-engineering and repairing the archetypes - Run Faster Edition

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« on: <12-16-18/1822:42> »
Does anybody we can fix the Run Faster sample archetypes like what was done in this thread?


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« Reply #1 on: <12-18-18/2333:01> »
I had a quick look at the Rocker archetype and re-built it in Chummer.

Everything worked out - though I didn't double check the gear purchasing except for the augmentations to make sure the Essence value was correct (which it was).  Eyeballing the gear and the left-over cash, I think it's fairly spot-on.

Attributes A, Skills B, Money C, Metatype D, Magic E

The skills look wonky, but there's quite a bit of karma available due to the qualities chosen which allows you to pick up the few low skills with karma (Blades 2 and Leadership 2, and a further 3 karma on one of the non-native languages), so it all works out right.