Does a matrix user in the AR user mode have a Persona?"

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After some quick googling Research into this does suggest brainwave patterns may well be unique to each individual. But they are still just electrical signals as far as the machine is concerned, and as such could easily be adjusted via filter or spoofed to whatever recording method is used. If it looks likely G.O.D. was about making brain pattern library, I'm sure the community could easily adept to foil it.

But what then if a user didnt use his brain waves to form his persona ( and no Im not talking about the dimmer bulb quality).
Say a physical adept AR  decker. He has his goggles with image link, earphones with sound link and AR gloves - no trodes. In this case his brain  waves arent near his deck, yet if he is able to form a Persona in AR (which I belive he is) thrn that Persona is formed without ant direct input from hus wetware.
 I know this might be overthinking it all, but I find it an interesting subject.

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I don't see the "persona biometrics" gobbledygook as meaning anything more than:

Yes, if you act like a fool you'll be stuck with notoriety and/or public awareness.  Yes, it's even true for the matrix; just changing your icon doesn't get around this.
RPG mechanics exist to give structure and consistency to the game world, true, but at the end of the day, you’re fighting dragons with algebra and random number generators.


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I just wanted to say that when I asked the original question in the Missions FAQ thread, I didn't expect that it would spawn a three page discussion to find the answer.  I just figured I had missed something somewhere and somebody would straighten me out.   ;D

It was fun to read the resulting discussion anyway.  Thanks