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Please read all of the below (especially the notes at the bottom, they're very important), as this isn't your average RPG.

The Game is Shadowrun 5th edition currently looking for 1-2 players to round out a group.The group will be picking up a new narrative arc shortly after the new year (the listed game date is tentative.) This game plays Bi-Weekly (but see note #1) from 7-10 CST on Thursdays, voice chat is via Discord with Skype as a back-up. Some in-game activity (downtime purchases, training, planning, etc) may take place via (discord) chat on off days.The game involves both roleplay and planning elements that can take entire sessions or multiple sessions. Murder-hobos need not apply.

Campaign Blurb: The group (and by extension, you) has been hired by a mysterious organization to hunt down a mysterious trail of clues. What secrets lay buried in the long forgotten past? Who put them there? And how hard will they fight to keep them there?

Campaign Concept: The game is a exploration/arcanoacheology focused game. While runs in the traditional shadowrun sense will appear, the greater emphasis will be on exploring dangerous ruins, fighting rival treasure hunters, and dealing with dangerous magical creatures and entities.

Campaign rules: Characters are built via sum to 15. You'll also start with some supplementary Karma and Nuyen to catch you up to the group.

Current PC roles:

Rigger, Combat Mage, Voodoo Mage, Marksman Adept, Face, One Unknown.

Note #1: This game is party of a weekly game that alternates between this and an Earthdawn game. Details of that game can be found here( The two games will be somewhat associated. It's perfectly possible to play only but you may be missing some information. Players who apply to both games will recieve priority consideration over those who don't.

Note #2: The Matrix rules aren't used. We've found their current state more obtuse than useful. While we do have a rigger, the group doesn't have ad Decker and we're not looking for one. Currently matrix functions are handled "On the back end."

Application Model:

Your Name:

Your Experience in RPGs:

Your Experience with/knowledge of Shadowrun:

Your proposed character concept (Ork Gunslinger Adept, Troll Tank, whatever)

A brief background (2-3 sentences) of your character:
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