New Player looking to join a game near San Jose, CA

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« on: (15:31:58/09-24-18) »
Hello Chummers,

I recently bought a copy of SR5 and am looking for a game near me that is open to newer players eager to learn. A little about myself--

-not much RPG experience, but lots of experience (20 years!) with Battletech and other minis wargames

-recently tried the Battletech RPG "A Time of War," and while I really liked the RPG experience, I just found that it wasn't well supported with pre-fab adventures, NPC "monster manuals" etc. Basically I woke up the RPG bug and now want the opportunity to try it again in a different format

-I'm open to playing online, though my preference would be in-person. If it were online, definitely would want to use Discord or some other live method. PbP doesn't seem noob friendly :)

-as far as character types go, I'm open to whatever type a group would need, since this is really just an effort to learn how the game is played and have fun. In terms of temperament, the "Face" role is probably what I find initially the most interesting, but if the group needs a Rigger or a Street Samurai, I'm open. Just probably want to keep me away from being the Dekker/Technomancer for right now, as it seems that being the Matrix guy is probably more complicated and difficult to learn

Thanks for reading this post and let me know if you know if you have an opening or suggestions!


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« Reply #1 on: (18:56:52/10-11-18) »
I'm just another player and I'm in near Daly City, but I know where San Jose is. .  . .