[SR3] Cannon Companion Contradiction

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« on: (16:29:12/09-19-18) »
 I need a ruling. In the shadow run companion book pg 90 under maneuvers there is a contradiction. Paragraph three states that before a martial art skill can be advanced to an even number you have to purchase and learn a maneuver.

However the example in paragraph four states that if at character creation you purchase a martial arts at skill level 4 that you have to purchase at least one maneuver / max two.

To me that's contradictory to the previous paragraph as you are at an even skill level so you should be forced to buy a second maneuver before you can purchase level 4.

I just wanted to get your opinion as i will have a starting martial arts at 6 and thus need to know if i have to buy three maneuvers or if i only have to buy two but can not advance the skill until i buy another maneuver


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« Reply #1 on: (17:57:26/09-19-18) »
You need 2 maneuvers to get rank 5, unless itís Brawl.  Youíre only allowed to get the second maneuver at rank 4.