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Figured I would start a topic on the editor for the PC steam game created by harebrained schemes(or was it labs..? I forget).

Been using it for the past week or so and completed 2 scenes thus far. I'm pretty familiar with the basics and can get a normal scene going as far as enemies, goals, and dialogue options with triggers, etc. However, I have a couple of technical questions that I don't think were covered in any of the YouTube tutorial videos.

For starters....the "available only once" check box when making dialogue options for the player doesn't seem to work for me. I'm trying to make a dialogue option disappear after the quest has been given, but I can't find a trigger for that. I checked that "available only once" box, but regardless, every time I start a conversation with that actor, the option is still always there. This is a problem, because I put another dialogue option that gives the player money after a specific goal is met, but the player can exploit this by choosing the same option over and over. Can anyone help me with this?

Also, I'm having issues with equipment. After adding equipment to an actor(2 ares pistols and a shotgun), when the character is loaded in one scene, he has the two pistols but no shotgun, whereas in the following scene he has the shotgun, but is missing the pistols.....why is this? I feel like it's some kind of glitch that doesn't allow multiple weapons to be carried at once..? Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Also noticed that when my main character dies, the game doesn't go to the game over screen, but instead just awkwardly sticks around until you go to the menu and quit the scene yourself. Is there a "game over" trigger somewhere that I'm not seeing..?

And lastly, how do I make NPCs move? Like if I want a guard to patrol a specific hallway and move along a certain path. Or if I want dancing women in my nightclub. Also, for the guards, is there a way to trigger them to attack the player on sight, but remain passive when it doesn't detect the player? I'm looking to make some stealth missions, is why I ask.