How does the third Mayan Cutter transport his victims?

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So I'm running Sprawl Wilds, the Carbon Copy mission.  I get who the latest Cutter is, and how he is who he is.  I understand that he carves up his victims and hangs up the corpses.  What I am completely unable to understand is how the latest Cutter is getting his victims to where he is killing them.  He isn't finding them there.  If they are being abducted elsewhere, why the struggle where he kills them?  My players were trying to puzzle it out and I completely have no idea what the story is. 

BTW: my players are actually finally not dying all the time.  Thanks for all the help with that folks!

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IIRC it's only the very last victim that was transported.  The other ones WERE struggled with at the scene of the murders.
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Why would a reporter go to an abandoned campaign office, or a cop to an empty house? I read through the materials trying to understand it but I couldn't find anything. Is the best solution to figure the Cutter lurred the victims to the locations? The current Cutter doesn't seem smart enough to manage something that subtle.
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It really doesn't need to be all that subtle.  If it was subtle, there wouldn't be signs of a struggle.  "Hey, Ben Urich.  I got some juicy info for you on Tony Stark, the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.  Meet me at the closed-down office of Henry Gyrich's failed campaign for state senator, 10 PM."  Or '911, what's your emergency?'  "Yeah, I heard gunshots coming from this old house a couple hours ago, and then I saw a guy leave ... yeah, I can meet a unit there ..."
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