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Iron Serpent Prince:
I expect Sphinx to be along presently with a comprehensive list, but I thought I would kick out there the glaring things I noticed on my read through.

* Denial of Service Matrix Action, page 37 states in the stat block header it is a Cybercombat + Logic [Attack] v. Willpower + Firewall test, and then in the description says to "Make a Computer + Intuition [Data processing] Test opposed by Willpower + Firewall," test
* The Machinists Daemon on page 90 states that a Techno's Living Persona acts as a RCC (except for the ability to make and join a WAN).  Is that supposed to be a PAN?  If not, then does it bypass the need for the 8 point One with the Matrix quality?  The only benefit you can get from a RCC without being a part of a PAN is the Noise Reduction.

Shortened Versions of my nitpickings in the Kill Code thread. Some of these are probably Errata for the Core rules, but I list them here because Kill Code failed to fix them (unless itīs hidden somewhere in the fluff sections, which would be a problem on its own):

* Effing Teamwork Rules? The Teamplayer Quality (why the hell is that TM-exclusive?) merely suggests that I canīt use it for Brute Force and Hack on the Fly. What about everything else?
* Reckless Hacking: Great! So I can now use Control Device to fire a someone elseīs Assault Rifle (at an -10 Modifier, but what if i donīt want to hit anything specific?) without any hacking equipment? ;D The idea for "Reckless Hacking" is very good in general, but you may want to look into the interaction with some "legal" Matrix Actions)
* Still no clarification for the Diagnostics Sprite Power
* When Iīm inside a host: How do I percieve slaved devices of a host when they have to stay outside on the grid? Do hosts have some kind of windows (no pun intended)? And why does the description of Industry Hosts (p.44) talk about devices "within" the host?

Iron Serpent Prince:

* The Optional Rule:  Surplus and Refurbished PI-Tac Units side bar lists several extended tests without the time each test takes.

This may of been intentional but it stuck out to me.

p.178 Power Mungers have a willpower of 20 and a charisma of 30

the number sequence is the same as the first 5 numbers in the stat block before it, Migaloo, 20 4 4 30 4 2

Page 25. under Matrix Attributes > Attack

It says: "When an Attack action fails, firewalls respond harshly, dealing damage to your device and alerting the target that it is under attack."

But the rules for attack actions say that failing does NOT alert the target, but succeeding does.


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