Safe houses

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Man Who Walks At Night

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« Reply #90 on: <03-03-11/0427:19> »
By the same token, a dead body in an alley with no SIN can be a mountain of police work or quietly nudged into the gutter.  I don't know how you guys view the setting, but the latter is a bit more likely in my view.

I think there was a bit about it in Vice - if its a crime which doesn't attract media attention, and no high-profile people are involved, its really not something Law Enforcement will spend time (aka, money) on.
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« Reply #91 on: <03-03-11/1143:49> »
I loved that write-up in Vice.  I even used it in a few of the handouts I gave my group when they wondered why some crimes had them chased more than others.

Although, they were confused when crippling a nun didn't get more after them...
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