Illegal Implants

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« Reply #60 on: <09-05-11/2156:46> »
And we don't even have illegal implants yet!

I really worry about people who have life-giving "cybernetics" today, like my Father who has a Defribulator installed in him.  "Simple" microwave ovens used to cause things like that to die.  What do the untested scanners do, especially if your job requires you to go through them constantly?
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« Reply #61 on: <09-06-11/1517:46> »
Before 9/11, I flew a lot for roll-outs and such for my job. I also used to where this "chain" around my wrist that took me about 20 minutes to put on/take off. The one time I forgot to take it off before going to the airport, I was heading to the regular scanner and told the sec guy my problem. He told me to hold my wrist against my chest and wrap my other hand around the wrist. The scanner never went off.
Scan gates are a joke, which is why we stuck with the wands. Even the cheap crap we were using was far better, provided you used it correctly.
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« Reply #62 on: <09-14-11/0627:51> »
one of my workers husbands is basically cybernetic. he has 6 inches of titanium mesh spine, a metal shin, and a battery powered heart regulator. he would be alot of fun at airports.