Zombies In Shadowrun?

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Yes, there are zombies in Shadowrun. "A zombie is a dead vessel possessed by a spirit." Zombies can be created with the enchanting skill and are covered in Street Magic, a 4E rulebook. Zombies are typically created with fresh bodies and are used as a form of labor or muscle.

For 5e, they are in Hard Targets, page 131 as a minion ritual.

Cool. I own that book but haven't gotten around to reading it, my group and I decided to go back to 4E.
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Feral Ghouls, they have succumbed to the most base animal instincts

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I GMed a long zombie-apoc campaign in SR5 and it has been incredibly fun. It was very heavy, Seattle got slowly devastated and under quarantene. More akin to 28 days after than other staples.
It was a blast: you could still play regular stuff (matrix was still on) and PCs decided to go for a "management" kinda campaign in the final branch, re-starting a small community while going out from the "bunker" for a bunch of foucsed runs.

I used the Vampire Virus as the main issue, with tons of side plottings and a huge conspiracy behind the apoc itself.
Definitely works. Runs feel even more dangerous and the "tech-horror" feel was definitely fun. :)

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