6th Edition in 2019?

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« Reply #90 on: (15:13:11/03-13-19) »
I have always loved life path systems. IMHO, the Modiphius’s Infinity and Conan RPGs both offer the best life path character creation systems out of any modern games. The classic Traveller has one that still holds up decades later... and no one will ever be able to top the incredibly detailed but easy to use system from Pendragon (you start with your character’s grandfather for crissakes!)

I think Shadowrun would be a great setting for such a system, but the SR5 life module system as published feels like a “rough draft” and not a final product.
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« Reply #91 on: (18:37:59/03-13-19) »
Do what I do, and line up the dice. 6 rows of 6 d6s is 36 d6. Doesn't take long to pull 20 d6 out of that, because three rows is 18, and grab 2 more. done and done.

That works but it involves constantly lining up dice and I find it to be a pain the ass, to be honest :P I also don't like the feeling of filling my hand with dice and rolling them, it also seems very antiquated.
Meh, I enjoy grabbing all those d6s and lining them up, and then rolling handfuls at a time. There is something deeply satisfying in having a visible, tangible example of your character's ability.

It is the same in D&D 3.X, when you have a Rogue on their sneak attack dice, or a wizard casting fireball. It is a little thing, but it makes you FEEL powerful, and that adds so much to the reward loop of the game, far, far more than doing a simple roll of a d20 (or a 3d6 in HERO), adding a modifier, and seeing if you beat the target. Adding another d6 to the pile feels better and more rewarding than adding another +1 or +2 to your d20 roll.
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« Reply #92 on: (15:09:18/03-18-19) »
Well, I like the dice pool system. Generally, I prefer dice pools in games. I never got how it is too much of a logistical hassle for some people, to handle multiple dice, but hey, we're different. I get SR could be a bit silly, with high pools, compared, to, lt's say, WoD. but it has its charm, for me.

I also like that the game is complex as is. I don't want it to be rules light, there are plenty of rules light games out there nowadays. I like the options and the simulation. I think that it's good to have Anarchy, as a separate line for people who want that style (and I think it's important to not letting anarchy be neglected, as a line), but I don't think the core game should be like that.

Also, I actually like the priority system. It helped me as a new player. As it was mentoned, 5e has many cargen options, to satisfy those who don't like priority, so, I'm content. I can get teh argument that the progression is too slow, but I like the life-like system of increasing karma prices, though, the numbers could use some tinkering, or something like the Slow/normal/fast progression modes in Pathfinder.

I'd just like to mention, at the end, that I'm not an old-timer and not saying the above because of nostalgia. I'm with SR for 3-ish years only and I know just 3e and 5e.
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