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« Reply #15 on: (16:28:10/07-30-18) »
The only example that contradicts Logic for remote operation as pertaining specifically to drones is a mention in a completely unrelated rule (command device). The rules for drones and riggers never points to this rule.

The idea that there is a "blanket rule" that Gunnery is always Agility-based is inherently flawed. It is an Agility-linked skill, but the rules are quite clear that that does not mean you always use that attribute. There are many examples of skills that don't use their linked attribute, Computers and Gymnastics for example have situations where you never use the linked attributes (Matrix Perception and Climbing respectively).

Saying that the example in Command Device is a proof of anything would be like saying the rule for area-effect defense penalty is proof of a rule change for grenades.

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Just, FYI, there's a thread where this is being hashed out.  THIS thread is for discussion of what made it into the SRM FAQ, not what (as Lewis Greywulf pointed out) didn't.

Please keep it 'on topic' thanks!
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