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« on: <01-30-11/0822:29> »
Character created with the idea of Boer Komandos`- Gang Related Play-by-Post.
Too late for the game maybe, but .. have a look, you might have some advices...

Dwarf (25BP)

Positive Qs (25BP):                       Negative Qs(-35BP):
Ambidextrous                                Paraplegic
Jurryriger                                      Media Junky (Severe)

Stats (180 +20BP):

Body              3
Agility            4
Reaction        4
Strenght         3
Charisma       3
Intuition         4
Logic              4
Will power     5

Edge               3
Essence          4,3

Languages and Knowlegge Sills (0BP):

Spanish:                                      N
English:                                       3

Trap setting                                3
Seattle street gangs                    4
Engineering                                4
Security procedures                   3
Security design                           4
Military                                       3

Active skills (164BP):

Electronic Group                        3
Gunnery                                     3
Pistols/ Tasers                           2/4 
Dodge                                          3   
Shadowing                                   3 
Perception                                   3
Pilot Ground craft/Remote         5/7
Pilot Aircraft/Remote                 2/4
Chemistry                                    2
Demolitions                                 2
Armorer                                       2
Automotive Mechanic                 3
Industrial Mechanic                    1

Cyberware (all standard, 12500Y):
Control Rig
Commlink (Novatech Airvare)

Cyberparts (All standard, 8150Y)
Cyber Eyes r.4
    Flare Comp
    Protective covers
    Vision Enhancement 2
    Vision Magnification
    Microscopic Vision
CyberEars r.3
    Audio enhancement 2
    Select sound filter 2
    Spatial recognizer


Yamaha pulsar
      Gecko grip
      Personalized grip
      Metahuman customization (Dwarf)
      Trigger removal
      Camera upgrade - Ultrasound
             30xTaser darts

Transys Steed
     Rigger adaptation                                               6.500Y

GMC Bulldog Step-van
     Rigger adaptation                                             37.500Y

2xMCT Fly spy (Minidrone)                                    4.000Y

GM-Nissan Dobermann (Medium drone)
            FN-HAR (Sound Suppressor, Smartgun)    5.600Y
                50x regular Ammo

Gear (18800Y)
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit
    Fire resistance 3
    Nonconductivity 3

Shop (Automotive)
Shop (Armorer)

Tag Eraser

System 3
Firewall 3
Data browser 3
Analyze 3
Scan 3
Sniffer 3
Command 3
Spoof 2
Squatter lifestyle (1 month,500Y)

Contacts: 4+Free 9BP

Connection: 2
Loyalty: 3
Membership: 100-1000
Area: Sprawl-wide
Magical resources: 1
Matrix resources: 1

Quote from: Seattle 2072, p. 182
CHULOS (2nd tier)
Turf: Carbanado, Puyallup
Colors: Brown
The  Chulos  (“pimps”  in  Spanish)  are  imports  from  CalFree,
even  more  so  these  days,  as  parts  of  the  gang  have  migrated  from
California to greener pastures in Seattle. They’re a Latino gang ; but
they  don’t  care  much  about  race  so  long  as  you’re  Latin,  and  they
aren’t  even  too  picky  on  that  score.  Pretty  much  anybody  from
their main ‘hood of Carbonado qualifies, which means there’s a fair
number  of  orks  in  the  gang.  They’re  big  into  smuggling  along  the
CalFree/Seattle routes, especially CalHot chips and BTLs, but also
getting people and goods out of CalFree, or moving needed supplies
to places like the LA Basin.

>  The Chulos also do a brisk trade in illegal drugs from the Ghost Cartels down
in  South America  and,  true  to  their  name,  run  at  least  one  whorehouse  in
>  Kat o’ Nine Tales

Total: 400 BP, 114450Y, Max Availability 8R
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« Reply #1 on: <01-30-11/2015:11> »
Control rigs only give you a bonus to vehicle tests while jumped in. 
By and large, being jumped in is less effective and more dangerous than using the Command program from your Comm to Remote control.  Response + skill means that you need to upgrade the chips in every single device you use to help your dice pool.  Command + skill means that you only need to keep your command program up to date to increase your pool for all vehicles/drones.

Cerebral boosters are Logic.  Any time you can fit one in, do so.  It's the difference between spending 10bp to raise the stat and 2bp and .2 bio essence to get the implant.
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« Reply #2 on: <01-31-11/0324:43> »
Well, there was this Availability 8 and 150 K restriction :)
I know there may be more effective ways. About this Command program...need to reread rules.
Anyway, this character is more hardware oriented and the C-Rig is the only solutions LACKS OF COHONES!!!



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« Reply #3 on: <01-31-11/2240:27> »
Cerebral booster 1 is avail 6 and 10,000¥.  Easy-peasy.

The jumped/auto/remote table on p. 247 of SR4a breaks it down nicely.
And a R6 Command program with Optimization 3 only costs 900¥, has an availability of 1, and will run on a System 3 commlink.  It's basically like having a stat of 6 in all your attributes while running your toys.