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« on: (02:35:28/07-12-18) »
So, it has been a while since one of these has gone up, and I thought it would be fun for everyone to chime in on what they'd like to see. What is on your wish list for SR books?

Updated Loose Alliances (That book was gold on inspiring new characters and connections!)
More tech. Not necessarily weapons or armor, but cool shit like glider backpacks or the hoverboards from Rigger 4. Stuff that won't necessarily break the game, but definitely can be used to put a new spin on character concepts.
Tomb of Horrors - There are missions, and then there are the runs that everyone talks about forever. Harlequin's Back, Missing Blood, Shutdown... previous editions all had their 'oh shit' books. There wasn't one for 4e, and so far there hasn't been one for 5e. We need a true 'oh shit' book like going into Deus's lair for the first time. Lockdown tried, but it just didn't have that same level of 'oomph' as the SCIRE did, in part because it left things open for the game that just didn't catch on.
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« Reply #1 on: (07:47:39/07-12-18) »
A mercenary/security/cops mooks-book with multiple companies and PR-ratings, using stuff from Extended Core instead of just Core.

(I actually have HTR stats lying around for PR4 to PR6, with Template-stuff, including Qualities, Martial Arts, TacNet, Alchemy-support, Quickening-support, extra-Spirit-support and more.)
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« Reply #2 on: (12:59:43/07-12-18) »
I'd really like to see more materials for Techno's (Come on Kill Codes!) Some more... black ops kinda gear. In the vein of what Mirikon is recommending. Wingsuits, stealth diving gear, that kind of stuff. Like Michael said I was a bit disappointed with the Crunch for Mercs in street lethal. The pregens there were pretty vanilla, which is disappointing because a lot of the fluff was pretty cool. It's just annoying that I'll probably wind up drawing up my own stats for those merc companies instead of having something I can work with straight outa the book.

Oh, and now I want Michael's HTR stats. Those sound awesome  ;D.


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« Reply #3 on: (16:41:11/07-12-18) »
Other than technomancers, I'm not overly feeling a need for much more crunch.  But I'd like to see more metaplot linked adventures.  Think Universal Brotherhood, Harlequin's Back, what Boston Lockdown wanted to be, etc.  (Ripping Reality sort of tried to be this, but really isn't close)

For that matter, in general to not have the coolest meta-plot elements and possible adventures show up as ShadowTalk.  For example, How about being the team investigating the Area Firewatch civil war, instead of getting ShadowTalk from the person who was involved?  That could have been a pretty awesome adventure book, bringing together high stakes action and world changing metaplot implications.
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« Reply #4 on: (13:05:32/07-15-18) »
I always liked the SR3 books Sprawl Survival Guide and Mr Johnson's Little Black Book - a 5th Ed refresh of both would be beneficial, IMO. I agree about Loose Alliances - that had lots of plot-meat goodness.

Probably grasping at straws with this one though: Tempo, the Azzie version.


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« Reply #5 on: (02:37:39/07-17-18) »
High time for another Harlequin campaign book.