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« Reply #630 on: <05-27-18/0525:07> »
Can't replicate the issue with the MAG attribute going missing.
Location deletion should have been fixed in the latest build along with the previous issue with locations not being stored properly.
As for the druid tradition, I'm honestly acting on the assumption that they screwed it up again, but it's more likely that I just overlooked it originally. Since there's no actual different name for it I'm a bit stymied about what to do.

Couldn't there be two druid traditions, one labelled "druid" and the other "druid (updated)" or something like that?


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« Reply #631 on: <06-29-18/1839:07> »
What would (IMO) be super nice is if saved chars saved the settings for which skills are displayed, for example I like to set my characters to only showing "active skills rating > 0" and sorted by "Dicepool". However I have to reset this every time I open a character.
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« Reply #632 on: <07-01-18/0820:01> »
Thread locked at request of Chummer 5 is Alive.

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