Cyberlimbs for Drones

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« on: (13:59:08/06-23-18) »
I thought I remembered something about allowing a drone's articulated arm to use the same mods cyberlimbs do.   Can't find it now.

Am I missing it or did it never exist?


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« Reply #1 on: (16:06:04/06-23-18) »
away from books ATM,

But you are not mistaken, I remember that too. I think it was in the Rigger book.... Just can't remember the page or the details.
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« Reply #2 on: (16:14:02/06-23-18) »
I do have my books nearby. Yes. Page 125. :)

"Unless otherwise noted, use the standard cyberlimb rules, though the limb costs half the normal price" [due to not needing nerve connections and translations]. However, all upgrades cost normal.

Strength is equal to the drone's body, and Agility is equal to its Pilot, which can be increased to double that number (ignoring the +4 rule- but can go no higher than double).

Also adds +1 physical condition monitor to the drone.

Hope this helps!

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