CAS/Aztlan border (Street Lethal spoiler)

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« on: <06-19-18/1532:57> »
I was under the impression that PCC acquired the part of Texas formerly occupied by Aztlan.  Which would mean that there's basically a PCC buffer zone between CAS and Aztlan.  However, refers to the CAS "western border with Azatlan".  Did I miss something about the PCC turning over that land to CAS?

Also, there's a reference of Ares trying to displace Aztechnology as a weapons supplier to the CAS military, and things "being frosty between the Azzies and the CAS"?  Since when did this happen?  I find it hard to see the CAS relying on Aztechnology as a vendor.
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« Reply #1 on: <06-24-18/2353:25> »
Same. Iím pretty sure thatís a mistake from the authorís side. Aztechnology could just snap their fingers and CAS weapons would fall apart or at least keep sending faulty equipment 
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« Reply #2 on: <06-25-18/0049:15> »
There  is no buffer zone. Yes, the PCC was given a chunk of what used to be Texas by Aztlan, but there is still a western (southwestern, really) border of the CAS that butts up against Aztlan. It happened in Dirty Tricks, "On August 7th, Aztlan president Enrico Silva sold a chunk of Aztlan territory that was once a part of New Mexico and Texas to
the Pueblo Corporate Council (or, more specifcally, to a consortium of Ute investors). It runs from the PCC down to El Paso, follows the Rio Grande, then heads straight north as it gobbles up Kermit. Aztlan keeps Odessa. " So basically, if you draw a line straight down New Mexico's eastern border down to the Rio Grande, that is now PCC. But Aztlan still hits the CAS. Things have been frosty between the CAS and Aztlan for a while, if "frosty" means things aren't good.

Regarding buying weapons from the Azzies... tensions have been high, but business is business. If they can get weapons at the right price, they will make deals with anyone. And it is mostly just Texas that has a big problem with the Azzies. They mostly stirred stuff up with Texas while they were a solo nation. Of course, Texas rejoined the CAS, but the damage had been done. Azzies are making an issue out of things by giving that land to the PCC, which was seen as a slight and is now causing the CAS to have a more fractured and insecure southwestern border.


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« Reply #4 on: <09-26-18/1300:38> »
If I'm not mistaken they sell arms to CAS through Hawker-Siddeley which isn't officially associated with Aztechnology, so while a shadowrunner knows that they supply weapons to the CAS the average CAS citizen has no clue.

As for why they don't sabotage their equipment, evidence of sabotage would be a great way for other interested corps to steal all those high paying military contracts while destroying the reputation of a pretty big subsidiary. Even if the loss of Hawker-Siddeley was worth a successful initial invasion of the CAS its worth considering that there would be many parties interested in keeping them from taking control, so they would end up having to fight a pretty tough war regardless.


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« Reply #5 on: <09-26-18/1510:25> »
I also doubt very much that Aztlan has much interest in a military conflict with someone as powerful as the CAS right now...

If you look back, Aztlan has been involved in a LOT of military conflicts in the last 15 years.

Yucatan Rebellion in the 2060s
The War with Amazonia in the early 2070s
The conflict with Surrang (which cost them a LOT of assets, even if they did win.. kind of).

In both the Yucatan and Amazonian wars, they lost a lot of manpower and material, and that was fighting  enemies that technically were weaker then them.
(the Yucatan Rebellion was just that, a Rebellion, so no organized military, no organized supply lines, or country backing them! Amazonia is known for its diverse awakened forces, but not for its technology... and Awakened critters and Soldiers are no match for numbers and mil-spec weapons.)

CAS is a very tough nut to crack with a trained and active military, backed by a prosperous civil society that is technologically inclined....

IF it did come to blows between these two, I would expect the CAS to be able to hold Aztlan back, if not actually recover territory... but it would be a bloody conflict! 
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