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Daedalus Wing Suit missing table (Street Lethal)

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Just got my hand on the long-delayed Street Lethal and it appears the wing suit's table was sacrificed to the layout gods.  This isn't official errata (there's a process for that), but here are the stats I wrote in my manuscript.

Armor: 9
Capacity: 4
Availability: 8
Cost:3,200 nuyen

Armor: +2
Capacity: 6
Cost: +100 nuyen

As noted in the table in the book, one-shot parachutes are an additional 750 nuyen.

Praise +1

Just got the German translation: They integrated your errata  ;D

Gott sei Dank!

Michael Chandra:
Could someone help me with how I'm supposed to read a Speed of 2R? Is that Speed 2 velocity x3 (so 72 km/h instead of 24), or is the R-modifier only for Speed-tests?


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