What do you need to make your on simsin or BTL ?

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Hi guys,

I have read the core book back and forth, this is what I have come up with.

I need this as a plot hook for a mission idea.

Minimum gear, lowest quality production

Trodes, cheap commlink with a simrig.

High end, professional recordings

Cybersences (eyes, ears, taste and touch), DNI, implanted simrig

does the implanted simrig need an implated commlink as well ?

Did I get this right ?

Does it say anyware  in any books what emptysimsin/BTL chips cost ?

I apologise for my posts beeing weird to read, I am fluent in english, but almost never write in english anymore :-(


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To record regular hot-sim simsense you need:

* DNI (which you can get from wearing trodes or having an implanted control rig, ommlink or cyberdeck).

* Simrig (which can be installed in a commlink or cyberdeck or other device GM seems fit).

* Sim module (which can be installed in a commlink and comes default for cyberdecsks, control rigs and internal commlinks) and if you want to record feeling rather than just boring see+hear+touch you also need the sim module to be modded for hot-sim (which is an illegal upgrade on commlinks, default on restricted cyberdecks and as-is not supported for control rigs).

Trodes (25¥, legal) and a commlink (100¥, legal) with a simrig (1,000¥, legal) and a sim module (100¥, legal) modded for hot-sim (250¥, illegal).

You can store the recording just about anywhere you want, but an empty off-line-only-chip cost just 5¥ (Datachip, SR5 p. 440). The download or the chip is normally coded to auto-erase after single use (can be bypassed with a Hardware + Logic (10, 1 hour) Extended Test). The street price of a Hot-Sim Simsense BTL dose is normally around 20¥ (Dreamchip, SR5 p. 413).

There are no rules for different quality, having said that, depending on what you are recording maybe something you could do is to use either [Social] of the actor or [Data Processing] of the device (whichever is lowest) as a limit on the Artisan + Charisma test to see how many net hits the actual recording got...

Also, really good productions are studio-produced sims that are doctored up.
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Thank you ! :)
I apologise for my posts beeing weird to read, I am fluent in english, but almost never write in english anymore :-(

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Given that it is a digital object of some sort, I'd allow an Edit File to attempt to up the quality (Rating and Threshold).
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