Quick and Challenging Zombie game

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« on: <01-28-11/1234:48> »
This is just an idea I came up with a few weeks ago and have tried it with a few players

Starting with the chars, humans only, they get 20points for attributes, 18 for skills(highest and lowest for attributes and skills from the priority system), no qualities and no starting gear

For the Zombies, keep the attributes but remove the spirit powers (or keep them, worse for the players though), give some of the zombies 1 adept power(ex. elemental stike)
or 1 spell(ex. flamethrower) or 1critterpower(ex. claws, energy aura) or 1 SURGE-quality or

Ex. Zombies:
Flamer: Elemental attack(fireballs)
Spitter: Corrosive Spit
Intelligent One: Can direct the horde against target of choice(otherwise they go to the closest avaible target)
Knight: Dermal Deposits(+1/+1)

Critique accepted