The First Taste?

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« on: (17:09:25/05-28-18) »
Hi folks,

Is the intro adventure "The First Taste" that Catalyst runs at cons available to buy anywhere?  I've got a group of 7 planning to play Shadowrun at Gen Con, but two members of the group haven't played before.  They're experienced gamers, so I'm not too worried, but I was hoping to run a quick session for them just so they get to see how the rules actually work together.  So, if that's not available anywhere, if anyone has any suggestions of a similar short (two hour max) scenario, that'd be appreciated!


Michael Chandra

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« Reply #1 on: (18:16:43/05-28-18) »
I think it's mostly a scenario made for Demo Agents, since before then it was mostly improv.

For short scenarios, I'd grab either SR5 or SR4 Quick-Start scenarios:
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« Reply #2 on: (13:31:25/06-02-18) »
It's still mostly improv, the Missions run at conventions are just sample runs.