Imbue Item Ritual Question

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Not sure if this is the right section, so if it gets moved that's cool. For the 5E game I play in we're getting close to finishing a BIG run and getting a pretty huge dump of Nuyen and Karma. My char is a Dwarf Melee Adept(using a fuckhuge Norse-runed combat axe), and I'm playing up the prototypical Dwarf angle with his Armourer skill, style, tattoos, etc. Hey, if Orks can buy into Orxploitation, Dwarves can do the same thing. :P

Looking at the Imbue Item(Street Magic 132-133)ritual, it looks absolutely perfect for him. Was thinking of either Alliance or Berserker for powers. Currently his axe is a Force 3 Focus and he's Initiate Grade 1. My question is, have any of you come up with unique(IE custom) Traits that you've run by your GM for the ritual? I'm not completely set on this yet, just feeling out options.
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