Long running online SR group looking for a decker.

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« on: (22:20:57/05-08-18) »
I've been running a PbP for a couple of years now and it's in it's 5.5 chapter which is titled Requiem for a Rabbit. The game currently has four players, and this next section needs a decker. If you're interested in playing, you will need to arrange a time for a voice chat interview with me via Skype. That interview is not optional, this is an adult game and a lot of maturity is required. During your interview you may ask as many questions as you like and you may be assured that I will as well.

If the interview goes well, you will be added to the Skype group and you may submit a character concept. You will have time to discuss your character with your future team-mates and fully develop the backstory. Once you're added to the game you're expected to post once a day. This storyline can take three months to write one day. But, make no mistake, if you're not checking and posting, then it will go by at lightning speed and you will miss several opportunities to play and develop your chara.

Bring a backstory concept you're excited to play. All the rest is my job.
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I would be interested in playing in your game. If you would like to set up a time for an invervue please feel free to PM me.
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an Interview Really? Why so formal?  I'm a bit of a low key kind of guy but if that's ok with you the send me a PM and I'll submit my Idea for your group.