Explain Banshee/Infected to me

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« on: (03:06:59/05-07-18) »
Hi guys,

One of my players has asked to go a Banshee, and I'm having a little trouble figuring it all out, rules wise and fluff wise.

So I'm going to run through part by part as I understand, would love some feedback on anything that's wrong!

Hes a fledgling Banshee, newly arisen from the HMHVV Strain 1 virus.
He needs to feed on metahuman blood, easy, go to the local street doc and buy it off the shelf. Its just food.
But he still needs to essence drain, which actually doesn't require blood, because once a lunar month he loses essence.

So hes been happily drinking his blood and then his first lunar month passes and his essence drops by 1. Okay, better go find a bum and essence drain. He finds a bum, restrains him and using the emotion of his choice on how he does it, he saps the poor guys essence and restores his own to full again.

Is this bum now infected because Banshee has the infection power?
Or does the player decide to 'activate' the power to infect if he wants to?
Or does essence drain, not count as 'infection' because it doesn't involve blood, or scratching or whatever.

Whats happening to all these survivors of being fed on? The virus is a simple, you die, or you become one. Are all these vamps/banshees whatevers just killing their food after they drain their essence? Doesn't make much sense to leave all your food to either die or become one of them, you'd grow the numbers of you too quickly, draw additional attention to what you are/do and that doesn't sound like a good thing.


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« Reply #1 on: (07:32:08/05-07-18) »
Victims of Essence Drain don't become Infected with HMHVV unless their Essence is drained to zero (see "Infection," SR5, p.498).


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« Reply #2 on: (08:43:56/05-07-18) »
He finds a bum, restrains him and using the emotion of his choice on how he does it,
Mechanically, that's how it's done. The clearest setting info on the topic (4e), says as a banshee you're heavily inclined to scare prey until they flee, keep chasing them until they drop, and then drain them dry. By that method? Yes, they will turn into the appropriate strain I infected.


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« Reply #3 on: (02:53:00/05-08-18) »
Thanks guys, took the books to read in bed before sleep, missed quite a few bits which helped make sense of it all.