Character Creators, a call to arms! (help a GM with limited time)

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Kontact, your Reaction boosters will not work together as intended.

The attribute bonus from Attribute Boost is not compatible with
any other attribute augmentations, whether from implants or spells,
with the exception of the Improved Physical Attribute adept power
page 195 of SR4A  Description of Attribute Boost.

The bonuses won't even stack with reaction bonuses from Improved Reflexes or Wired Reflexes.


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Ah well.  There's always Betameth.  +2 reaction and +1 intuition.  Will help with drain later.
Switch out Attribute Boost for another level of Perception Enhancement.

Anyway, here's a Throwing Adept.
No restricted weapons. 
Can quickdraw throwing knives for 8P.  Can do the same with playing cards or pens or whatever for 7P.  Call a shot for damage each IP for +1DV without penalty or up to +4DV for -3 dice.

Basically, he's Bullseye... but tiny.  Sort of a one trick pony, but that one trick is to be a complete badass assassin.

Little thrower (400 BP)

Metatype : Gnome (25 BP)

Attributes : (170 BP)  (95BP sp atts)
Body: 3(4)
Agility: 5(6)
Reaction: 3(6)
Strength: 4(5)
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 4
Logic: 3
Willpower: 5

Edge: 4
Magic: 6(5)
Initiative: 10 3IP
Essence: 5.025

Knowledge Skills : (21 free) insert personality here

Active Skills : (111 BP)
Skill Group - Stealth [Agi/Int] : 4
-Disguise [Int] : 4
-Infiltration [Agl] : 4 (6)
-Palming [Agl] : 4 (5)
-Shadowing [Int] : 4
Throwing Weapons (knives) [Agl] : 6
Gymnastics [Agl] : 3
Blades (Parry) [Agl] : 2
Perception [Int] : 2 (+3 general +6 vision and hearing)
Hardware (Maglocks) [Log] : 1

Positive Qualities (15 BP):
[Inn]=Arcane Arrestor - Harmful spells are considered to be at 1/2 Force
[Inn]=Thermographic Vision - See heat signatures
Restricted Gear - For the Suprathyroid Gland
Martial Arts: Wildcat - +1 dice for Called Shots for damage.
+Iajutsu - Quick Draw any weapon with a Skill + Reaction (3) test.  Get a quick draw holster to drop the threshold to (2)
+Blind Fighting - Changes the penalty for attacking a hidden target from -6 to -3.

Negative Qualities ( - 35 BP):
[Inn]=Neoteny - Base 6 for physical damage boxes; tiny like a child.
[Inn]=Distinctive Style 1 - Easier to spot when you know what you're looking for.
Records on File - Mafia has records of his capabilities
In Debt 2 - In to the Mob for 15,000¥ (they've got claws in him)  extra 10,000¥ at start
Scortched - Ex-BTL junkie
Liar - compulsive liar; check runner's companion, it's... complicated.
Thrill Seeker - Will + Cha (2) to not make risky moves.

Magic biz:

_2_Increase Reflexes - 2.5PP - +2 to Reaction +2 IPs
_3_Power Throw - 0.75PP - +6 to Str for the purposes for throwing.
_2_Improved Ability (Infiltration) - Raises Infiltration from 4 to 6
___Missile Mastery - 1PP - +1 to DV of thrown weapons.  Can throw things like playing cards for (str/2)P or S.
___Nimble Fingers - 0.25PP - Raises Palming from 4 to 5 and turns many simple actions to free actions.

Gear : (15 BP)  75,000¥ +10,000¥ from In-debt

Augmentations: 54,650¥
Suprathyroid Gland - .7 Esn - +1 to Bod, Agl, Rea, and Str  +10% to living expenses.
Attention Coprocessor R3 - .3(1.5) Esn - +3 to Perception checks
Internal Air Tank - .25(.125) Esn - 2hrs of Oxygen

Weapons :  2,400¥
2x Tomahawk - 5P H2H, 9P thrown  -  +2 conceal +1 reach
+Personalized Grip - +1 die for attacks
20x Ceramic Throwing knives - 4P H2H, 8P thrown  -  -2 conceal (non-metallic) 0 reach
+Quick Draw Holster - Holds.. however many the gm says.
Ranges for throwing: Short (0-15) Medium (16-30) Long (31-45) Extreme (46-75)

10x Aerodynamic Flash-bang grenades  - 6S -3AP to all in a 10m radius.
Ranges for throwing: Short (0-30) Medium (31-60) Long (61-120) Extreme (121-225)

Armors :  Cost 15,550¥
Form-Fitting Body Armor Half-Body Suit w/ R6 Nonconductivity + R6 Chem Protection
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit (built-in biomonitor)
Chameleon Suit - minus 4 dice to see wearer w/ R6 Thermal Dampening
PPP-System Forearm Guards
PPP-System Shin Guards
PPP-System Helmet

Final Armors :
  * Urban Explorer Jumpsuit 6/6
      - Form-Fitting Body Armor Half-Body Suit +4/+1
      - PPP-System Forearm Guards +0/+1
      - PPP-System Shin Guards +0/+1
      * Total : 10/9 (usual limit = 8)

  * Chameleon Suit 6/4
      - Form-Fitting Body Armor Half-Body Suit +4/+1
      - PPP-System Forearm Guards +0/+1
      - PPP-System Shin Guards +0/+1
      - PPP-System Helmet +0/+2
      * Total : 10/9 (usual limit = 8)

Commlinks :  1,030¥
Tag Eraser
Commlink : Meta Link + Vector Xim + FTL Matrixware Net Wizard software package  Again, newbs don't care.
Subvocal Mic

Equipments :  9,330¥
Certified Credstick (Standard)
Fake Sin (Rating 4)
Fake License (Rating 4) - for Magicness
Goggles (Rating 3)
  - Image Link
  - Ultrasound
  - Vision Enhancement (Rating 3)
Earbud (Rating 2)
  - Spatial Recognizer
  - Audio Enhancement (Rating 3)
Autopicker R6

1 month Low lifestyle

Contacts : (9 BP)
Mafia Consigliari - (1L/4C) - The guy with the marker.  He expects certain considerations but recognizes the utility of the char.
Fixer - (1L/3C) - Jobs and gear.  Typical cat.

What up?

Well, this is the self-contained version of the character, but there is another option.

He could drop the Improved Reflexes, Nimble Fingers and a rank of of Power Throw.  This would free up 3PP.
So, instead, you take 1PP for Heightened Concentration and 2x1PP for 2xLiving Focus.
Each Living Focus power would allow him to sustain a Spell of up to Force=Mag (Like Increased Reflexes at Force 4 for +3IPs and +3 to Initiative and Force 5 Increase Reaction/Strength or Improved Invisibility,) and the Heightened Concentration power would allow him to ignore the penalty for Sustaining.  It's a workable option with a mage involved, but sort of bottoms out where Astral Barriers or BC are concerned.  Same Foci problem as ever.

If, as GM, you don't consider multiple sustaining penalties to be "a single situational dicepool modifier," drop the 2nd Living Focus and a point of magic.  Frees up 25bp to work with.  Raise base reaction to 4, yadda yadda.
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« Reply #17 on: <01-30-11/0342:50> »
Here's that murder-face I made for the gang game, now updated for 12 availability and 50bp max gear.
A bit facier and a little less murdery.  Now with annotations.

Race: Elf
Sex: Female
Nationality: UCAS (latino descent)
Lifestyle: Custom (luxury + medium)

Attributes 200bp +20bp


Positive Qualities 15bp
First Impression [5bp] - +2 dice for social encounters on first exposure
Restricted Gear (Muscle toner 4) [5bp] - why wait to be awesome?
Restricted Gear (Suprathyroid Gland) [5bp] - why wait to be awesome?

Negative Qualities -35bp
Records on File (Evo) [10bp] - Evo has detailed records of the Runner
Vindictive [10bp] - Composure (2) test to not acrobatically pirouette off the handle
Data Shadow [5bp] - +2 dice to any attempt to find character over the net
Distinctive Style [5bp]  - +2 dice to find character in person
Thrill Seeker [5bp]  - Composure (2) test to avoid taking risks

Active Skills 110bp
Influence Skill Group3
Stealth Skill Group1
Automatics (SMG)6
Dodge (Ranged)2
Intimidation (Mental)3
Perception (Visual)2
Pistols (Semi-auto)1
Unarmed Combat (Block)1
Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)  change these as you like
Seattle Gangs4
Shady Businesses3
Police Procedure2
Greater Seattle Area1
Language Skills

Cyber/Bioware (143,600¥)  [195,000¥ = 39bp]
Attention Coprocessor R30.3(0.15)9,000¥adds +3 to perception
Fiberoptic Hair0.1(0.05)450¥Can change hair color and shape at will
Internal Air Tank0.25(0.13)650¥2 hours of oxygen
Reaction Enhancer R10.3(0.15)10,000¥+1 to Reaction
Muscle Toner R40.832,000¥+4 to Agility
Silky Skin---1,500¥Blemish-free skin
Pigmentation + Biotatoos---1,500¥Activating agents can be added for glowing patterns on skin
Suprathyroid Gland0.745,000¥+1 to Bod, Agl, Rea and Str.  +10% lifestyle cost
Tailored Pheromones R30.445,000¥+3 to Charisma Social tests

Gear (51,400¥)
Novatech Airware (3/3)1,250¥
Iris Orb OS (3/3)1,000¥
Analyze R6 + Op3 + Ergo1,000¥
Subvocal Mic50¥
>>>Comms subtotal<<<>>>3,350¥<<<
Form-fitting Body Armor, Full1,600¥
+Nonconductivity R61,200¥
+Shock Frills200¥
Lined Coat (Softweave)770¥
PPP Shin guards150¥
PPP Leg and Arm Casings350¥
PPP Vitals Protector200¥
>>>Armor subtotal<<<>>>4,470¥<<<
FN 5-7C600¥
+Smartgun mod600¥
+Custom Look100¥
+Personalized Grip100¥
+Sound Supressor600¥
+Gas Vent 3(barrel mount)400¥
3x spare clip15¥
60x Explosive Ammo300¥
20x Stick-n-Shock160¥
Colt Government 2066500¥
+Electronic firingIntegral
+Smartgun mod500¥
+Internal Silencer Mod400¥
+Easy breakdown (manual)500¥
2x Spare clips10¥
42x Explosive Ammo210¥
HK 227X800¥
+Sound SupressorIntegral
+Retractable StockIntegral
+Gasvent 3400¥
+Improved Range finder1000¥
+Easy breakdown (manual)800¥
+Personalized Grip100¥
+smartgun Camera, Thermal100¥
5x Spare clips25¥
168x Explosive Ammo840¥
>>>Weapons Subtotal<<<>>>9,110¥<<<
Glasses r375¥
+Image Link25¥
+Vision Enhancement r3300¥
+Vision Magnification100¥
+Flare Compensation50¥
Earbuds R220¥
+Audio Enhancement R3300¥
+Spatial Recognizer100¥
25x Cram250¥
Respirator R6150¥
6x Certified credstick150¥
50x Zip Ties
2x Fake SIN r48,000¥
4x Fake License r41,600¥
>>>Sundries Subtotal<<<>>>11,750¥<<<
Lifestyle 1 month3,520¥
Lifestyle 1 month16,500¥
12xBonus starting cash1,200¥
>>>Lifestyle Subtotal<<<>>>21,220¥<<<

EntryLP CostNotes
QualitiesLP CostNotes
Homegrown Farming1Modifies Food from low to high
Friendly Neighbors1Neighbors will hide shit and help you
LP total = 12 = 3200/mo + 10% from Suprathyroid = 3520/mo

EntryLP CostNotes
QualitiesLP CostNotes
Privacy Screen1+1 to perception thresholds for tests to surveil the site
Inconspicuous Housing2+2 to thresholds for finding the place by phys, mag or tech means
Living by Committee-2neighborhood association w/ regular meetings.
LP total = 21 = 15,000/mo + 10% from Suprathyroid = 16,500/mo

Starting Cash = (4d6+12)x1,000¥ = 4d6 → [4,5,4,3] = (16) = 28,000¥

Contacts 21bp - mix as needed
______Club Hopper3/1
______Simsense star3/3
______Shark Lawyer2/3

I was thinking about getting some Wires 2, bringing reaction to 9 and 3ip as the standard, but, with a Face, you can't really have that kind of security-only cyber in you, or you raise a lot of flags.

Added a touch more 9-12 avail gear I'd skipped to stay 8 and under.  Also the Luxury lifestyle and increased starting capital.
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