Author Topic: Beating the Veil  (Read 64 times)


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Beating the Veil
« on: (21:01:16/03-12-18) »
Considering Tir Na Nog run in the future, but there's not a lot of accessible information out there. Any idea on what it would take to make it past the Veil? If there's no way past I'll just make something up but I wasn't sure if there was anything in cannon.


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Re: Beating the Veil
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In recent years the Veil has been patchy and unpredictable but you have always been able to be smuggled in by an Irish smuggler as they would  not be affected by the Veil or simply fly over the darn thing. That or traversing through a Metaplane like the Court of Shadows


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Re: Beating the Veil
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For background, the SR2 Tìr na nÓg sourcebook takes you up to 2054. There are a couple of pages in SR4 Sixth World Almanac that bring you up to 2072. There's a paragraph on life in Tìr na nÓg in SR5 Street Magic (p.14), as well as current details on the Daoineann Draoidheil (p.37).