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So I have a solo player that I'd like to take through a few Deus Ex style adventures where there's a mixture of social, stealth, and combat sections.  I can figure out the social and combat bits easily enough, but the stealth adventure bit is harder.  Especially in terms of sneaking about a facility and putting in various acrobatic elements (moving through vents, ducking around and clambering up boxes) in an entertaining manner.  Are there any existing adventures that play out in a very Deus Ex way?  Do you have any examples of how to make obstacles fun in a game?


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I think that the issue you may be running into is that combat and social challenges are typically easy to design while incorporating several types of skills.  Combat involves evasion checks, attack rolls, damage rolls, and several options you can take advantage of.  During a social challenge, you will have to make checks for negotiation, con, intimidate, and a few others.  But stealth?  It often boils down to "make a sneaking test."  There aren't a lot of other skills in the system that support it.  There is palming and such, sure, but it's more niche.  By large, the tricks that go into now being seen fall under the umbrella of a single skill.  If you're running it with a single guy, design challenges that will involve more than just that, and make sure that you aren't just calling for multiple sneaking tests over and over again.  Give him access to patrol routes and let the play work with tight windows, so stealth becomes just as much about setting up distractions and being in the right place at the right time as it is about having a high stealth modifier.
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Remember that you can add in Gymnastics rolls for doing the acrobatic stuff, with Parkour moves/style/etc. counting.
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If you have a solo player and are with them in person, then using a small map can help visualize the action and make it more interactive.

My go-to for sneaking missions - especially for new players - is a warehouse with lots of stacked crates. That gives everything a readily available third dimension for the player to exploit. Lots of fun climbing, running, jumping between stacks, crawling across catwalks, dropping down on unsuspecting guards, etc. Before it gets too easy, throw in some flying drones on patrol, or some inconveniently placed cameras and sensors.