Total Noob - First attempt at elf adept, gun bunny

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« Reply #15 on: (18:23:28/03-11-18) »
IIRC Adrenaline Boost doesn't stack with anything

Which isn't a problem because not much else gives a straight bonus to initiative, most things give a bonus to initiative dice and a bonus to reaction.

and Attribute Boost of 1 only gives you a max of +1 to your dice pools.  Any Background count at all and it's not going to do anything.

You are remembering wrong, attribute boost 1 means you roll magic + attribute boost and gain the hits to your stat. It's a very underrated power.

Adrenaline Boost and Improved Reflexes both increase initiative and really shouldn't stack.  If you want to argue the bonus D6s and Static Modifiers are somehow not both increasing initiative that's cool, but I've never seen a table play that way.

I mismembered on Boost, I thought the Magic + Rating test was limited to the power's rating.