Hobo with a Shotgun (and Kung Fu Grip)

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« on: (00:19:42/02-16-18) »
The Grue
B 5, A 6/7, R 5/8, S 5, W 3, L 2, I 5, C 1, ESS 6, EDG 3, M 6
Condition Monitor (P/S): 11 / 10
Armor: 18
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 4, Social 3
Physical Initiative: 10/13+4D6
Active Skills: Gymnastics 6, Longarms (Shotguns +2) 6, Outdoors Group 2, Perception 6, Sneaking 6, Unarmed Combat (Jujitsu +2) 6
Knowledge Skills: Street Gang Identification (Seattle +2) 4, Urban Survival 4
Languages: English (Cityspeak +2) 4, Japanese N
Qualities: Adept, Agile Defender, Biocompatibility (Bioware), Dead Emotion: Fear, Hobo with a Shotgun, Jack of All Trades, Master of None, Mentor Spirit: Wolf, Paranoia, Prototype Transhuman: Wanted, Records on File (1): MCT, Superhuman Psychosis, Wanted
Adept Powers: Attribute Boost (2): Agility (8dicepool), Combat Sense (2), Critical Strike: Unarmed Combat, Improved Physical Attribute (1): Agility, Improved Reflexes (3)
. . Bone Density Augmentation (Prototype) (3) w/ Prototype Transhuman
. . Striking Callus (Prototype) w/ Prototype Transhuman
. . Striking Callus (Prototype) w/ Prototype Transhuman
. . Striking Callus (Prototype) w/ Prototype Transhuman
. . Striking Callus (Prototype) w/ Prototype Transhuman
. . Argentum Coat w/ -3 modifier for concealability, Chemical Protection (6), Concealed Pockets, Custom Fit, Custom Fit (Stack), Gear Access, Increase Social Limit by 1, Lightly Worn, Shock Weave
. . Ballistic Mask w/ Flare Compensation, Gas Mask, Image Link, Low Light Vision, Trodes
. . Berwick Suit w/ -2 modifier for concealability, Custom Fit, Increase Social Limit by 1, Lightly Worn
. . Biomonitor
. . Certified Credstick, Silver
. . Certified Credstick, Standard
. . Forearm Guards w/ Autopicker (6), Miniwelder
. . Gecko Tape Gloves
. . Glue Solvent
. . Glue Sprayer
. . Magnesium Torch x2
. . Medkit (6)
. . Metal Restraints
. . Microwire (m) x100
. . Ozuru Nishizawa w/ Fake License: Concealed Carry (4), Fake License: Firearms (4), Fake License: Non-Lethal Grenades (4), Fake License: Security Consultant (4), Fake SIN (4), (1 month) Squatter Lifestyle
. . Plastic Restraints x10
. . Rapelling Gloves
. . Reactive Myomer Pack
. . Renraku Aguchi
. . Securetech PPP Vitals Kit w/ Decrease Social Limit by 1
. . Snake Mesh Socks
. . Standard Tags x10
. . Subvocal Microphone
. . Survival Kit
. . Trauma Patch x2
. . Ultra-Glide Industrial Lubricant (l)
. . Remington 990 [Shotgun, Acc 5, DV 10P, AP -1, SA, RC (-1), 8 (c)] w/ Flashlight, (24x) Flechette Rounds, Holographic Sight, Melee Hardening, Personalized Grip, (24x) Regular Ammo, Sawed Off/Shortbarrel, Slide Mount, Slide Mount, Sling, Stock Removal
. . Shock Glove [Unarmed, Acc 8, DV 9S(e), AP -5] w/ Internal Battery
. . Unarmed Strike [Unarmed, Acc 8, DV 10P, AP ]
. . Flash-Bang Grenade x4 [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, Acc 8, DV 10S, 10m R, AP -4]
. . Flash-Pak Grenade [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, Acc 8, DV Flash, AP ]
. . Gas Grenade, Neuro-Stun VIII x4 [Grenade, non-aerodynamic, Acc 8, DV By Chem., 10m R, AP ] w/ Neuro-Stun VIII
Fixer (Connection 2, Loyalty 4)
Starting : 2D6 40

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« Reply #1 on: (03:26:38/02-16-18) »
I'm not sure if you're making THE hobo with a shotgun, but this character could really use some social skills. Intimidation would fit right in.
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« Reply #2 on: (12:56:29/02-16-18) »
Most of my quibbles have more to do with the flavor than the mechanics. For example, he's wearing Mortimer of London while maintaining a squatter lifestyle. He has "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" while all his skills are set to 6. This is perfectly legal under the rules, but I spike it as a GM.

Be mindful that this is a lot of stuff to own as a squatter. I think the rule of thumb from Run Faster is that Security * 2 = the Availability rating of things that people will try to steal from you if they have a chance to do so. As a squatter, that means that everything Availability 4+ is vulnerable to crimes of opportunity.

How did you spend your starting karma? Finding 10 karma to get Charisma 2 would be wiz. Is that why you have Ultra-Glide Industrial Lubricant? Because you have Charisma 1 and no social skills?


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« Reply #3 on: (22:50:30/02-16-18) »

Some of those questions are dealt with in backstory.

He wears worn out, ill-fitting, second-hand Mortimer of London, even though he could afford a shiny new bespoke suit. He maintains a Squatter lifestyle for philosophical/psychological reasons -- he's a paranoid ascetic.

His skills aren't all six, just the ones that make sense from his background -- he was built in a lab to be what he is. His interest in learning about the world outside of that lab drive him to learn more. Jack of All Trades doesn't even apply during CharGen, only on points spent during advancement.

He owns nothing that he can't and doesn't carry on his person...and a lot of that stuff, including the lubricant, the microwire, flashbangs, etc, go toward making it a really bad idea to try to sneak up on his squat. His lifestyle also includes Difficult to Find and Angry Drunk Reputation. He's not really an angry drunk -- he's crazy. Tends to deter most people. Even bad people don't mess with crazy.

As for social skills, that's a valid observation, and one I'd normally not have neglected -- but the character concept here is a hobo with a shotgun and strong kung fu who's not quite right in the head, or even really human. He's quite literally mad -- both paranoid and psychotic. He hears voices and talks to an invisible animal friend -- sure, it's his Mentor Spirit, but very few would know that. While he doesn't go out of his way to kill people, but he also has absolutely no qualms about doing so and feels zero remorse. In the warzone that is his neighborhood, he walks through firefights like it's simply a blustery Seattle day.

I don't think a few Karma in CHA or some social skills are going to help. ;D

Starting Karma was spent on Martial Arts and Contacts (he requires Loyalty 4+ due to Paranoia, if he's to avoid penalties).

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