Complete Trog Errata

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A few suggestions ...

Page 2 (Contents), capitalize “Or’zet Glossary” and “Pronunciation Guide
Page 3 (Contents), change “hUman” to “Human”
Page 17 (What Are You?), insert a line break between Lilith’s comment and the paragraph before it.
Page 36 (Nagasaki Oni), hyphenate “eye-to-eye”
Page 37 (Nigeria and Congo), change “Traveller Jones” to “Traveler Jones” (one L)
Page 38 (Orks of Amazonia), change “Sao Paulo” to “São Paulo” (w/ accent)
Page 47 (Yakut’a Told Me …), change “dwarves” to “dwarfs”
Page 51 (Paradise for …), change “some of the its guardians” to “some of its guardians” (delete “the”)
Page 52 (Parlez-Vous Francais?), change “20k” to “20K” (capital K)
Page 52 (Parlez-Vous Francais?), hyphenate “Renaissance-era”
Page 53 (Parlez-Vous Francais?), change “there is no one who is” to “none of them are”
Page 56 (Mumbai), change “a) They … b) Their …” to “(a) they … (b) their …” (sentence case, parentheses in pairs)
Page 57 (Mumnai), change “Metropole” to “Metrópole” (w/ accent)
Page 61 (True Blue Frog), change “t-shirt” to “T-shirt” (capital T)
Page 61 (True Blue Frog), change “extended thumb” to “extended a thumb” (insert “a”)
Page 77 (Saeder-Krupp), change “There’s are” to “There are”
Page 78 (Wuxing), change “Man-for-Many-Names” to “Man-of-Many Names”
Page 98 (A Call to Arms), change “brothers and sisters that” to “brothers and sisters who
Page 98 (Suzie Blue), change “It’s a crazy set up” to “It’s a crazy setup
Page 100 (Suzie Blue), change “engage in locals” to “engage with locals”
Page 100 (Suzie Blue), change “0kCE0” to “OrkCE0”
Page 101 (Bulk Deal), change “one of the most solid reps as any” to “a rep as solid as any”
Page 101 (Gary Gray), change “that hasn’t heard” to “who hasn’t heard”
Page 102 (Gary Gray), change “coat tails” to “coattails” (one word)
Page 102 (Gary Gray), change “Son of Sauron” to “Sons of Sauron” (plural)
Page 102 (Kat Berg), change “Mr. Johnson” to “Ms. Johnson”
Page 104 (Kat Berg), change “Mr. Johnson” to “Ms. Johnson”
Page 104 (Kat Berg), change “data steals” to “datasteals” (one word)
Page 104 (Dr. Wilcox Graham), change “UGE” to “Goblinization”
Page 105 (Dr. Wilcox Graham), change “he takes notes” to “he took notes”
Page 105 (Dr. Wilcox Graham), use parentheses in pairs: “(1) … (2) … (3) …”
Page 106 (Orxanne), rewrite second and third paragraphs.
Page 107 (King Alfonso XIII), change “Seraphim that” to “Seraphim who
Page 108 (Spanish Identity), change “of all their final” to “of their final” (delete “all”)
Page 108 (Spanish Identity), change “shifted controlled” to “shifted control
Page 108 (Spanish Identity), change “has begun to unravel” to “have begun to unravel”
Page 109 (Spanish Identity), change “were reined in” to “was reined in”
Page 111 (Alexander Monaghan), change “ork and trolls” to “orks and trolls”
Page 111 (Alexander Monaghan), change “dwarves and elves” to “dwarfs and elves”
Page 113 (Balaji Padiyar), change “Azt-Am War” to “Az-Am War”
Page 113 (Balaji Padiyar), change “preventing its forces rape and pillage” to “preventing its forces from raping and pillaging”
Page 115 (Ronald Despain), change “play on a more even level” to “play on a more even field
Page 115 (Ronald Despain), change “from 2059-2061” to “from 2059 to 2061”
Page 116 (Ronald Despain), change “like the boot heels” to “lick the bootheel”
Page 116 (Ronald Despain), change “human or elven or dwarven” to “human, elf, or dwarf”
Page 117 (Anne Penchyk), change “for the Genesis Consortium, Reality, Inc., and recently joined” to “for the Genesis Consortium and Reality Inc., and she recently joined”
Page 118 (Prosperity), change “seek to wage and compensation equality” to “seek wage and compensation equality” (delete “to”)
Page 118 (Prosperity), change “of the Draco Foundation trustees” to “among the Draco Foundation trustees”
Page 119 (Immigration), hyphenate “not-so-legal”
Page 119 (Immigration), change “with the legal” to “with legal” (delete “the”)
Page 120 (Or’zet Glossary), change “As far as modern times goes,” to “As far as modern times go,”
Page 122 (intro), change “Eric Brackhaven” to “Kenneth Brackhaven”
Page 122 (Humanis Policlub), change “its how they deliver” to “it’s how they deliver” (insert apostrophe)
Page 123 (Humanis Policlub), change “those that think” to “those who think”
Page 123 (Humanis Policlub), change “back in the teens” to “back in the twenties.”
Page 123 (Humanis Policlub), change “Organization is a critical point of the organization.” to “Organization is a critical point of the group.”
Page 124–5 (Human Nation), change “word on street” to “word on the street” (insert “the”)
Page 126 (Alamos 20K), change “They haven’t pulled of” to “They haven’t pulled off
Page 127 (Alamos 20K), change “dwarves” to “dwarfs”
Page 127 (Alamos 20K), change “I’ve try to get” to “I’ve tried to get”
Page 128 (Kenneth Brackhaven), change “some of his modus operandi” to “some of his modi operandi” (plural)
Page 128 (Kenneth Brackhaven), change “rolling out at night” to “rolling out before dawn
Page 128-9 (Carter Banes), change “Bates” to “Banes” (four times)
Page 129 (Carter Banes), hyphenate “up-and-comers”
Page 129 (Sheila Martin), change “send in the jack-boots” to “send jack-boots into”
Page 130 (Sheila Martin), hyphenate “a-knockin’”
Page 131 (SCOPe), change “The is” to “There is”
Page 132 (2XL), change “has made him feel” to “have made him feel”
Page 143 (Sounder SR5 stats), change “ElectronicsWarfare” to “Electronic Warfare”
Page 164, change “The troll that had helped him wore” to “The troll who helped him had worn
Page 165 (Southern Guard), change “fifteen minutes of fame was up” to “fifteen minutes of fame were up”
Page 169 (Trog Rock Recording), change “too recognizable of a guy” to “too recognizable a guy” (delete “of”)
Page 170 (Big Tech), hyphenate “glasses-wearing”
Page 172 (Cascade Transit), change “rigger that loves” to “rigger who loves”
Page 172 (Cascade Transit), hyphenate “headdress-wearers”
Page 173 (Caribbean Protective Services), hyphenate “duck-and-weave”
Page 173 (Caribbean Protective Services), change “hit ’me again” to “hit ’em again”
Page 174 (Yomi no Kioku), change “over that of others” to “over others.” (delete “that of”)
Page 176 (Sons of Sauron), change “go that for” to “go that far
Page 177 (Big Brothers), change “pushing three hundred kilos” to “pushing four hundred kilos”
Page 179 (TOLO), change “Their judicious in their use” to “They’re judicious in their use”
Page 179 (TOLO), change “It might be easy” to “It might be easier
Page 179 (TOLO), change “and them connect them” to “and then connect them”
Page 179 (Larry’s Kids), change “rollback” to “roll back” (insert space)
Page 179 (Larry’s Kids), change “have the chance” to “has the chance”
Page 180 (Larry’s Kids), hyphenate “large-scale”
Page 180 (Larry’s Kids), change “The plans were filled” to “The plans were filed
Page 181 (TBI), use parentheses in pairs and don’t capitalize unnecessarily: “(1) the weapon … (2) the Vory … (3) Kirilenko may”


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The Sphinx strikes again! More news at 11.


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He's quite the beast and at least ten times as good with English than me


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Quote from: CGL facebook
Both spellcheck and grammar check are completely lost when it comes to telling me what to do with the term "metaplanar polyjunction" from the upcoming Dark Terrors book. Correct answer: Keep it. jmh


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P. 151 - in the fluff Sticker is described as being really good at throwing because of his adept abilities but this is not reflected in his stats. He doesn’t even have the throwing weapons skill, only archery.
If Tom Brady’s a Spike Baby, what does that make Brees and Rodgers?