A couple quick questions [MPD and Shared lodgings]

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I have a couple questions about odd situations that might come up.  I think they fall under "Ask the GM", but I want to know how the SR community would handle them.

1). A friend of mine has Multiple Personalities and they are two distinct people in one body. A really strange thing is that they have different skills.  One personality is good with languages, the other can play the piano, etc.  I dont plan on doing it, but the concept as a shadowrun character seemed interesting and could present interesting challenges for the GM...and maybe the player.  In my friend's case, the change is kinda random and usually for multi-hour stretches and they both seem to always be aware...that throws you off in the middle of a movie when one of them doesn't like it. I was wondering if there would be a way to make a legal character with this 'disorder'?

2). Another question coming from real life.  Of me and my two closest friends, one of us has a lot of money and the other two are blue-collar apartment-dwellers.  All three spend most of their time at the wealthy friend's house and enjoy the comforts of his lifestyle (He is completely fine with this, we have all been friends since childhood).  How would this play out in shadowrun?  I know there is shared lifestyle, but what about welcome-mooching-lifestyle?  I know this could be a bit like dump-stating lifestyle if the group does some cooperative min-maxing.  I usually ask for 'lifestyle' checks throughout play for anything from "How well dressed are you for the event you are at." to "If you have lifestyle better than Low, you probably have a flashlight on you or in your vehicle.", but one player bankrolling the entire team seems slightly against the intended feel of the game.

Thanks for your thoughts on the matters.


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(1) Multiple personalities are an interesting concept. I'd have the player make two characters with the same physical stats and augmentations, but different mental stats and skills. Only one character can be in play at a time. Start of each session, flip a coin to see which personality is dominant. GM could use something like a Composure Test to avoid switching in moments of stress, or to switch voluntarily. Earned karma would be shared evenly between the two characters.

(2) Easy. Like a team lifestyle (SR5, p.371), the wealthier character adds 10% to his lifestyle expenses for each "roommate." He can cover their expenses himself (you're welcome), or they can each pitch in to cover their extra 10% (leaving the host to pay the original lifestyle expense he'd have been paying without them), or they can all split it evenly three ways and enjoy the lifestyle for less than it would have cost them separately.


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With MPD just watch out for people thinking the character has CFD ...