The logic of 3 seconds rounds

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« on: (23:14:23/02-06-18) »
As I have been working through mastering the 5E rules I have been forced to retcon a few in game scenes which were way off base from what the rules intended. That aside I am led into a weird spot with the timing window of a 3 second round and actions impacting other actions.

In particular;

A shooter who moves over their walk speed is considered running for the remainder of the combat, gaining the bonus to defense and losing the 2 dice from their pools until the next initiative round. I get the idea is that the characters actions are fluid, happening virtually simultaneously and as a single fluid motion. So a character shooting and moving is considered to be do the two actions in at the same time, in such a way that one effects the other which would create no logical issues for me if characters were limited to a single set of actions in a turn, like DD but they are not. Some can have up to 5 in a single go. Here are my top issues/questions

1 - A character uses all their movement on their first actions then stands still for the remaining x actions but gets the bonus/penalty the entire round?? I can see impacting the action the on the turn and even potentially the second pass as well for having ran but  but if you act 3+ times  you haven't come to rest yet?

2 - characters shooting can declare to do so at any points during their moves, do so to line up an unimpeded shot. Again I see if they shoot during the distance they move or immediately at the end but if they shoot first?

3 - characters stop moving and take aim but still get dinged for having moved earlier? If you are so disrupted from running how can you even take the time to aim and assuming you can wouldn't that wipe out the running issue to begin with?

I know the rules have to cover the feel of real combat while still making it fair and organized but this just bugs me. Anyone have an issue with these things besides me? Any solutions or workarounds?


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« Reply #1 on: (23:23:45/02-06-18) »
Don't over think it, simulationist vs Representationist, the system is intended to be fast so 3 secs is the reference point. Trying to force it to hold to that time isn't a good idea, just consider an approximation of dramatic timing.
If you just can't get over it, there a game called GURPS you might like, or HEROs will suit you more.


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« Reply #2 on: (01:41:21/02-07-18) »
I tell players that a Combat Turn takes about 3 to 5 seconds, so they don't get too hung up on the exact interval.

It helps to keep movement and actions separate in your thinking. Whatever movement condition you're in (standing, walking, running) covers the whole Combat Turn, and any actions you take during that turn occur while you're moving. Don't think of your character as running in the first pass and standing still for the rest of the turn (though it can seem that way because of the mechanics of combat). Instead, think of the movement as something that takes up the whole turn while your actions happen along the way.