[SR5] Dark Terrors (Plot Sourcebook)

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« Reply #15 on: (22:25:04/03-02-18) »
Jason posted earlier that print copies have hit the warehouse. Hopefully we’ll see them hit the streets shortly. ;D


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« Reply #16 on: (21:48:51/03-05-18) »
I picked this up during the drivethru sale. I love this book. It's fluff is great to read. I had a ton of fun reading about the new Matrix threats. I like to seeing the metaplot for Asamando get an update. Sounds like it's ready to collapse in on itself releasing a plague of HMHVV infected across the world. Also a bit disappointed in the resolution with Boston with no conclusion for the missing  Eliohann and Cerius. But the updates to Evo and NeoNET were interesting. I like that the new Evo CEO is a naga. That's pretty damn Shadowrun right there. I really do think we need more weird CEOs that aren't your traditional human. I'm still working through the book. But what a fun read.


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« Reply #17 on: (11:09:27/04-09-18) »
Dark Terrors is now available in print form :)
It's available from Noble Knight, for instance.
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« Reply #18 on: (17:03:33/04-09-18) »
Such a tempting book to get, one of the few fluff books I would want as deadwood along with its older two brethren


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« Reply #19 on: (17:07:02/04-09-18) »
For all the German players: Dark Terrors is also available in print as "Im Herz der Dunkelheit". It also contains a nice add on section about the state of the ADL  :)
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« Reply #20 on: (21:22:33/04-09-18) »
Darn-it, I need the French line to catch up to the German one (or, you know, Catalyst to capture all these cool German add-ons into english)