Where are the Navajo? Most recent information

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« on: (07:12:18/02-06-18) »
I have been thinking that my next character should be of Navajo decent but Iím wondering where they would be. Based on real world geography they would be part of PCC but the little information I could dig up about that country didnít say much about the Navajo. Other sources point to Sioux Nation.

Where would the most recent or plentiful information about PCC be found?
Where can I find information about Navajo in Shadowrun?

Thank you in advance.


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Navajo are part of the Sioux Nation. The tribe has a seat on the Council of Chiefs and the Council of Elders. See the City by Shadow: Cheyenne supplement (pp.7, 16, 22). They don't really figure into the the Shadows in Focus: Sioux Nation digital supplement, except that "Navajo" is listed as one of the dominant languages (p.3).