[4e] Street Samurai/Face buid help request.

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Posted this in the previous editions section, was told might be better suited here. Hope that's right.

Its been a long time since I've built a character for Shadowrun and I could use some advice. Group is putting together a game and I'm looking to fill the role of front line combat and party face. I'm more interested in the combat side but the party does need some social skills and for RP reasons my character is likely the best choice to fill it. I'm debating between going Ork or Elf. Elf obviously has a boost to CHA and AGI that'll would help but I like the idea of a charismatic and tough Ork. Plus I usually play elves or humans and it might be fun to try something else.

Character Concept: Japanese Ork (oni variant) working as a street level enforcer for the Seattle Yakuza (the branch that begrudgingly accepts meta humans) He's tough from growing up a delinquent and fell in with a rough crowd at an early age, maybe mentored by an older Yak who took pity on him. He's in his late teens (maybe early 20s. Thinking human equivalent of about 30, as I know Orks have shorter lives). Honorable, his word is his bond. Loyal to those close to him. Protects his neighborhood from low-level thugs and pickpockets, and goes after any who would try to harm a child. He's well liked by the neighborhood (though has to deal with the issue of racism). Works as an enforcer for the Yakuza, collects debts, protection money, runs off rival gangs, guards dignitaries or other gang members who are in town on business, and keep the streets orderly. We don't want Lone Star or Knight Errant snooping around. The two things that have got him were he is today is his silver tongue (and he sees himself as a ladies man), and his toughness and prowess in a fight whether it's bare handed punching or armed with assault rifles and shotguns. I see him as heavily augmented (low essence build). So money will be tight, but he's in it for the long haul and wants to rise the ranks of the Yakuza.

TLRD: Looking for build optimization/help for a starting level character (base build rules) for an Ork, Combat monster (guns/punching) with high survive-ability, some social skills to play Face and competent enough to drive get-away chases on a motorcycle. What enhancements do i take. What are the must have gear and augments for this to work?

Any thing you can offer to help would be incredibly appreciated. Thank you.


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« Reply #1 on: (16:32:06/02-02-18) »
So for the combat side your gonna need wired reflex, some reaction enhancers, a pair of cyber eyes with smartlink, maybe some muscle replacement for boosting str agi.
Your probably want some decent cash for this build so recommend a fairly high resource allocation also gonna need good stats, so dump magic.
Facing isn't to hard, you need etiquette negotiation and Con, the first impression quality if very helpful for faces, push cha so it can help you get a decent number of contacts, and the make your contact fairly varied. So you have someone to call when it time to do some leg work.

Next get some nice armor suit something that gives you social limit, Sleeping tiger i think is my favorite.

With Good suit armor anti-ballistic mask and a decent body should have you solid soak, and hight Ref+intuition is the best defense possible.

You shouldn't need much edge, I'd recommend 1 for the money roll, and then whatever you feel like you need for accidents.

Keep your skill list really simple. Unarmed, Pistols, Con, Negotiate, (All at 6 if you can, and spec them if you have the points) Etiquette, drive, sneak  with  a couple points is helpful.

Pay attention to derived states. JUDGE INTENT, very valuable, and COMPOSURE is just slightly less important.

It goes without saying but just to be sure, Avoid negative qualities that hurt facing.

Oops I missed that this was 4e, most of this should still hold. Though it's been a bit.
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