Most challenging character concepts that works?

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Ghoul face.

B: skillz
C: magic (adept)
D: human
E: cash

Body: 3     will: 5
Agil: 5       logic: 3
Rea:3 (4)  int: 5
Str: 7         Cha: 3 ( yes, a pretty mediocre score)
Magic:5    edge: 3 ( I think?)
Ess: 5        ini: 9+2d6

Assensing:6 (8 )   perception: 4 (6)
Etiquette: 4           intimidate: 6
Con: 4                    unarmed: 6
Biotech  skill group: 5
Negotiation: 6 +2(whatever is used for negotiating pay skill speciality) +3 imp. Ability +2 mentor bonus.

Armor+1, dual natured, enh. Hearing/smell, bite and claws, allergy sunlight moderate -29 karma
First impression 11 karma (more due to people are taken aback by his looks, and not thinking straight).
Mentor spirit: peacemaker
Criminal SIN: registered ghoul. +10 karma
Bad luck: +12
Dependant: +3 a ghoul family member (not registered as a ghoul)

Adept powers:
Improved reflexes 1   1,5PP
Imp. Ability 3               1,5PP
Enh. Perception 2        free from mentor spirit
2 more points on kinesics, cool resolve or authorative tone.

This face has a respectable DP of 18 when negotiating for the first time with mr. Johnson.

In the legwork phase the ghoul can use his assensing Dp of 13 to gather leads. He has a lot fewer contacts than a regular face with his mediocre charisma score.

Combat: decent closecombat ability. And good astral combat skills thanks to being dual natured with natural weapons.

He has the bonus of being good at patching up his team mates after a fight with first aid and medicine
 (And if he fails in saving them he could always find another use for them).

He still has some karma points left for some skill points or cash.
I know many people here see the criminal SIN as an automatic death sentence for any runner. I see it as a great roleplaying opportunity - alot better than allergy to bees or sailors etc. I went for the straight ghoul look instead of going the illusion/make up/ cosmetic surgery road. I find this more fun and challenging.

Bonus question: when do you resist a negotiation roll? Regarding the kinesics power.
For instance:
Mr johnson: Im willing to pay your team 30k for that power bar recipe, do we have a deal? 
Would the face then be able add his kinesics dice when rolling negotiation?

What if it went like this instead:
Ghoul face: alright friend sounds good and all. We will accept to run for 35k, if you give us 10k up front right now.
Would the face then be able to use his authorative tone to gain bonus dice on his negotiation roll

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The adept powers should come into play when you said. But you will also be taking penalties du to prejudice against HMHVV positive individuals a lot of the time. Assuming they don't react with nuke it from orbit.