GM-ing Book of the Lost and the Awakened Tarot

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« on: (23:03:39/01-20-18) »
Finally got a copy of the 6th World Tarot deck, and have thus far been having alot of fun doling out some little hints and occasional glimpses of cards to my players (who are enjoying the puzzle-solving aspect, and finding a lot of fun stuff I didn't even intend, which is great).

I'm wondering if anyone else has run any of the "Operations" from Book of the Lost (beginning on page 85), or other runs, using the Tarot deck as a physical prop, and what they've found to have worked well/not worked.

Already found 1 fairly important typo/series of typos in the "Seven Ate Nine" mission, which says the clues can be found on all the minor arcana 7's although the clues are actually on the 8's.

Also curious about any interpretations of the "wave" patterns or the odd glyphs that anyone may have come up with.

Thoughts? Suggestions?