Let's have us some poetry!

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« on: (21:46:08/01-19-18) »
Because The Laughing Man debacle of '55 hasn't happened yet.

I'll start, *Ahem*:

Blued steel,
Rubber grips,
Full clip,
Smartgun link.
I am your pistol.
Carry me for protection,
I share your brain,
I share your intent,
I share you wishes.
But I am not alone,
Others carry me.
And my little friends,
Play no favorites.
Si vis pacem, para bellum


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« Reply #1 on: (21:56:48/01-19-18) »
Roses are red, the world's in upheaval
Every single last one of the megacorps are evil

(I'm not great with poetry...)


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« Reply #2 on: (12:12:45/02-01-18) »
Haiku ...

Runners gotta eat.
Fixer sets up a meeting
For a modest fee.

Mister Johnson says,
This ought to be a milk run.
Show us the nuyen.

Listen, Bartender,
Give us bourbon and a name
Or we'll trash this joint.

My Talismonger
Sold me a power focus.
Bound once, never used.

Magic scorches us,
And bullets make bloody holes.
Please call the Street Doc.

Someone's memory,
Suspended in time on a
Better than life chip.

Ghost Rigger

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« Reply #3 on: (13:05:12/02-01-18) »
Fought in Bogota
Won the war but lost it all
Arm, eyes, sanity

Dang, I need to start playing that streetsam again.


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« Reply #4 on: (13:27:30/02-01-18) »
Silence is golden,
and forgiveness is divine,
but vengeance is MINE!
Greataxe - Apply directly to source of problem, repeat as needed.

My Characters

« Reply #5 on: (15:14:09/02-01-18) »
Roses are Red
Violence is Blue
When I listen to Trog Metal
My neighbors do too!


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« Reply #6 on: (20:27:44/02-01-18) »
The corps are villains
No justice in sight
So I’ll be killing em
Throughout the nights


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« Reply #7 on: (00:56:29/02-02-18) »
Blood is red
Corpses are blue
I play peek-a-boo
And shoot you


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« Reply #8 on: (15:49:16/02-02-18) »
See what you started, Canray?   :o
Spooky, what do you do this pass? Shoot him with my thunderstruck gauss rifle. (Rolls)  8 hits. Does that blow his head off?


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« Reply #9 on: (10:39:18/02-03-18) »
See what you started, Canray?   :o
Of course I have.  It was quite intentional!   ;D
Si vis pacem, para bellum


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« Reply #10 on: (04:08:56/02-08-18) »
I danced with a chick from Puyallup
Her hips made all the guys stand up
The house rattled and shook
from her 'come hither'-look
But only I fell for the set-up


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« Reply #11 on: (10:25:08/02-08-18) »
A limerick ...

In daylight the megacorps clash
And treat their employees like trash
  But here on the street
  The SINless folk meet
And run in the shadows for cash


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« Reply #12 on: (21:28:13/02-13-18) »
A limerick ...

In daylight the megacorps clash
And treat their employees like trash
  But here on the street
  The SINless folk meet
And run in the shadows for cash

/clap I like it.


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« Reply #13 on: (02:52:26/02-14-18) »
 :)  ;)


At last out of the deep sea he passed,
and mist rolled upon the shore;
under clouded moon the waves were loud,
as the laden ship him bore
to Ireland, back to wood and mire
and the tower tall and grey,
where the knell of Cluain-ferta’s bell
tolled in green Galway.
Where Shannon down to Lough Derg ran
under a rain-clad sky
Saint Brendan came to his journey’s end
to find the grace to die.

“O tell me, father, for I loved you well,
if still you have words for me,
of things strange in the remembering
in the long and lonely sea,
of islands by deep spells beguiled
where dwell the Elvenkind:
in seven long years the road to Heaven
or the Living Land did you find?”

“The things I have seen, the many things,
have long now faded far;
only three come clear now back to me:
a Cloud, a Tree, a Star.

“We sailed for a year and a day and hailed
no field nor coast of men;
no boat nor bird saw we ever afloat
for forty days and ten.
Then a drumming we heard as of thunder coming,
and a Cloud above us spread;
we saw no sun at set or dawn,
yet ever the west was red.

“Upreared from sea to cloud then sheer
a shoreless mountain stood;
its sides were black from the sullen tide
up to its smoking hood,
but its spire was lit by a living fire
that ever rose and fell:
tall as a column in High Heaven’s hall,
its roots were as deep as hell;
grounded in chasms the waters drowned
and swallowed long ago
it stands, I guess, on the foundered land
where the kings of kings lie low.

“We sailed then on till all winds failed
and we toiled then with the oar;
we burned with thirst and in hunger yearned,
and we sang our psalms no more.
At last beyond the Cloud we passed
and came to a starlit strand;
the waves were sighing in pillared caves,
grinding gems to sand.
And here they would grind our bones we feared
until the end of time;
for steep those shores went upward leaping
to cliffs no man could climb.
But round by west a firth we found
that clove the mountain-wall;
there lay a water shadow-grey
between the mountains tall.
Through gates of stone we rowed in haste,
and passed, and left the sea;
and silence like dew in that isle,
and holy it seemed to be.

“To a dale we came like a silver grail
with carven hills for rim.
In that hidden land we saw there stand
under a moonlight dim
a Tree more fair than ever I deemed
in Paradise might grow:
its foot was like a great tower’s root,
its height no man could know;
and white as winter to my sight
the leaves of that Tree were;
they grew more long than swan-wing plumes,
long and soft and fair.

“It seemed to us then as in a dream
that time had passed away,
and our journey ended; for no return
we hoped, but there to stay.
In the silence of that hollow isle
half sadly then we sang:
softly we thought, but the sound aloft
like sudden trumpets rang.
The Tree then shook, and flying free
from its limbs the leaves in air
as white birds rose in wheeling flight,
and the lifting boughs were bare.
On high we heard in the starlit sky
a song, but not of bird:
neither noise of men nor angel’s voice,
but maybe there is a third
fair kindred in the world yet lingers
beyond the foundered land.
But steep are the seas and the waters deep
beyond the White-tree Strand!”

“O stay now, father! There is more to say.
But two things you have told:
the Tree, the Cloud; but you spoke of three.
The Star in mind do you hold?”

“The Star? Why, I saw it high and far
at the parting of the ways,
a light on the edge of the Outer Night
beyond the Door of Days,
where the round world plunges steeply down,
but on the old world goes,
as an unseen bridge that on arches runs
to coasts that no man knows.”

“But men say, father, that ere the end
you went where none have been.
I would hear you tell me, father dear,
of the last land you have seen.”

“In my mind the Star I can still find,
and the parting of the seas,
and the breath as sweet and keen as death
that was borne upon the breeze.
But where they bloom, those flowers fair,
in what air or land they grow,
what words beyond this world I heard,
if you would seek to know,
in a boat then, brother, far afloat
you must labour in the sea,
and find for yourself things out of mind:
you will learn no more of me.”

In Ireland over wood and mire
in the tower tall and grey
the knell of Cluain-ferta’s bell
was tolling in green Galway.
Saint Brendan had come to his life’s end
under a rain-clad sky,
journeying whence no ship returns;
and his bones in Ireland lie.

« Reply #14 on: (04:01:48/02-14-18) »
Half a block, half a block,
Half a block onward!
All into the Zero Zone
Ran the six sammies.
“Extraction, Shadowrunners!”
Extraction, Mr Johnson said.
Into the valley of Death
Ran the six sammies.

“Forward, shadowrunners!”
Was there an ork dismayed?
Not though a runner knew
Mr Johnson had betrayed
Theirs not to make reply
Theirs not to reason why
Theirs but to grub for fry
Into the Zero Zone
Ran the six sammies.

Turrets to the right of them,
Turrets to the left of them,
Turrets in front of them
Bracketed with autofire
Stormed at with shot and spell
Boldly they charged well
Into the Jaws of Death
Into the MCT's Hell
Ran the six sammies.

Flashed all their cyberspurs bare,
Flashed as they were tossed in air,
Blasted by Threat Response there,
Charging a corp army
All the shadows wondered
Plunged in the nerve gas smoke
Right through the fence they broke
Drone and Spirit
Reeled from the spurs’ stroke
Shattered and sundered
Then they ran back
Not quite all of the six sammies

When can their legend fade?
O the wild charge they made!
All the shadows wondered.
Honor the charge they made,
Honor the price they paid!
The noble six sammies.

(with sincere apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson)
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