Living Persona reboot 5th ed

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« on: (15:07:07/01-09-18) »
How do people handle rebooting a living persona, how long before it comes back up?
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« Reply #1 on: (16:12:43/01-09-18) »
p.251 core:

"You can reboot your living persona, if you want. Really, you’re just shutting yourself off from the Matrix for a time, but it operates with the same mechanics as the Reboot Device action (although it doesn’t count as a Matrix action). A lot of technomancers reboot their living persona before they go to sleep, using the reboot delay as a sort of built-in alarm clock; it keeps them safe from cyber-attacks while digital sugarplums dance in their heads."

p.242 core:
Marks Required: 3
Test: Computer + Logic [Data Processing] v. Willpower + Firewall
The device on which this action is performed shuts down and immediately reboots. The device comes back online at the end of the following Combat Turn. The device ceases electronic functions and disappears from the Matrix until its reboot time is over.
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« Reply #2 on: (03:24:49/02-26-18) »
So... it only lasts 3 seconds? Talk about a power nap!


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« Reply #3 on: (05:13:23/02-26-18) »
Jack didn't quote the next couple paragraphs of the Reboot Device action. The third paragraph has the part they are talking about:

"When you perform this action, you can choose a delay of any amount of time between the time the device shuts down and the time it comes back online."