Author Topic: Cyberware and Unconsciousness  (Read 188 times)


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Cyberware and Unconsciousness
« on: (19:09:26/01-08-18) »
this came up when my group took a hostage for interrogation. When he was rendered unconscious does his cyberware deactivate? I would imagine that certain types, such as organs and the like remain active all the time but what about a comlink?  If you have a call going on your installed unit and fall asleep does it remain on? active or does it go into sleep mode? what about when you are put down from gunfire?  I can see it going both ways since, when sleeping you would want your phone to work but not run and leave you exposed to intrusion when you pass out after drinking. 


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Re: Cyberware and Unconsciousness
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I want to say as long as the brain is sending signals, the cyber will be active.
That being said, things that require conscious thought, like placing a comm call, are not going to happen when unconscious.
You have to dig into the cyber to disable it.

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Re: Cyberware and Unconsciousness
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Considering that an installed link and your brain can communicate, I'd imagine the link being aware that you're unconscious and go to wireless off (unless you choose for it not to).
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Re: Cyberware and Unconsciousness
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I would imagine all that stuff is customizable.