Author Topic: Mentor Spirit rules and Chaos' adept power  (Read 148 times)


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Mentor Spirit rules and Chaos' adept power
« on: (06:52:35/01-03-18) »
This mentor spirit's adept power seems to break the rule of said power, which also bring up another question.
1) this mentor spirit gives the adept 2 improved potential levels, which can be used on the same limit. Tis runs contrary to the actual power which says that you can purchase it once for each limit. Is their an errata I'm unaware of or do mentor spirit power rules trump normal power rules?
2) do mentor spirits bonus powers not count towards your normal maximum of that power? These powers are "free" which I've always presumed meant that they just came with the spirit at no additional cost, but I'm starting to wonder if they are also "free" of the normal rules (see above) and could therefore increase the number of a power over the normal limit?


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Re: Mentor Spirit rules and Chaos' adept power
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1) Specific rules always trump general rules.

2) No, you can't take a level of improved limit, then get 2 more levels from your mentor spirit.