Author Topic: Adept power "Improved Ability"  (Read 182 times)


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Adept power "Improved Ability"
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Okay so I've seen a few things talking about this ability but they never seem to answer two of my questions.
In this I'm presuming a character with an ability of 7 and in the middle of character creation.
1) seeing as the Max rating is 4 (7/2 rounded up) does that mean a starting character can have a "rating" of 11 in said skill? Aka can improved ability raise a characters effective ability score above the CC Max during CC?
2) can this power raise an ability over 13? Example, if you have a character with an ability capped at 13 can they then take this power 7 times and have an effective score of 20, or are they capped at 13 still?
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Re: Adept power "Improved Ability"
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Yes, and yes.

The skill rating maximums (during creation and after) are referring to the raw skill. The Adept power essentially breaks that limit and raises the skill beyond its normal limits (because Magic).

Since the Magic can go away, the natural value is still important. And when you do go back to train the skill it is still based on the natural rating, not the magically augmented one.